2024 Jihua Group Science and Technology and Fashion Professional Occupation Trend Ceremony is about to unveil

  When the bright star river and technology fashion complement each other, a subversive visual feast is about to start.2024 China Professional Clothing Trends Release of Jihua Group Science and Technology and Fashion Professional Occupation will be released, which will appear at 11:30 on March 31 at 11:30.

  At this press conference, the R & D giant of domestic military products, professional shoe, and boots, Jiji Group, joined hands with Liu Wei, a winner of the Golden Top Award of the Chinese Fashion Design Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Top Golden Group.The peak cooperation between this industry will show the unlimited potential of Chinese professional clothing design to the world with shocking cutting -edge technology and unique innovative design, as well as different Jihua.

  Smart Ling’s future meets different Jihua

  In the galaxy of clothing technology, the Jihua Group is like a bright pearl.As a giant with a century -old military descent, the Jihua Group has deeply cultivated the field of military and police protection.Scientific and technological innovationAnd lean management has won widespread praise in the industry.

  Xia Qianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of the Jihua Group Co., Ltd., said at the media meeting: “With the century -old Ji of the People’s Army and the growth of New China, they have always actively practiced” Baojun, Emergency, for the Emergency, for the Emergency, for ForceThe development mission of the people is the main supplier of the military demand material guarantee mission. It provides the government’s clothing units and central state -owned enterprises with one -stop services such as R & D, production, warehousing and distribution. In the B -end market, Jihua has significant influence.The second professional dress conference will present eight major series and more than 80 sets of carefully designed clothing. Jihua hopes to take many yearsnew materialThe scientific research results, led by science and technology and fashion, realize the B -end to the C -endUpgradeThe new image of new materials, new technologies, and new craftsmanship presents different Jihua to consumers.”

  Xia Qianjun said that in order to create different Jihua, strategic reshaping, Jihua Group uses “technology promotion development, product receiving market, intensive improvement efficiency, and the mission of Baojun”, which clarifies the “creation of functionality to create functionalityThe development goals of the leaders of protective materials and the most competitive professional dress leader in China “; in terms of scientific and technological research and development, increase investment in materials, design and technology, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of products and services through scientific and technological innovation;In the organizational structure, optimize R & D, production and marketing resources, and form a more powerful and efficient organizational system; in terms of brand upgrade, not only launchNew productIt is more committed to shaping and promoting the overall brand image of Jihua and enhanced market influence; in terms of customer service, we will build a customer -oriented R & D design service system to ensure that products and services closely fit market demand.

  Han Yuefen, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Party Committee and Deputy Party Committee of the Jihua Group, the 3502 Party Secretary and Executive Director Han Yuefen told reporters: “The R & D investment of the Jihua Group has increased year by year.And the development of specific product testing and verification capabilities has formed a “1+4+N” R & D system. In addition, the company also invested a lot of funds to establish an environmental adaptability evaluation and testing system, such as the dress status in the extremely cold environment.Aiming at the world -class level and creating a domestic authority evaluation system. “

  Yang Ling, the dean of the Research Council of the Jihua Group and general manager of the System Engineering Center, further introduced: “The Jihua Group actively builds the designer’s characteristic research and development system, and pays more attention to the materials, structure, function, appearance and comfort of the product.The sales driver has transformed into a leadership of science and technology research and development, and the development direction has also entered the fields of science and technology, fashion, functionality and protection from traditional fields. “

  Xia Qianjun emphasized that at this conference, the Jihua Group teamed up with Beijing Liu Wei Studio, and will focus on the achievements of seminar in scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, and core technologies of new materials.For example, Daxiu will show the new generation of thermal sensitive semiconductor thermal materials developed by Jihua. It can adapt to the temperature of the human body in a minus 40 degrees, and provide effective protection for the traffic police and geological exploration personnel of the extremely cold area.In addition, self -cooling technology innovation solves the problem of protection and comfort.Through the innovative application of new materials and new technologies, in the case of the same warmth, clothing has been greatly reduced.In short, every professional dress on this show will show the profound insights of the Jihua Group for the development of future professional equipment.

  Qiangqiang Joint Reinstallation Technology+Fashion Peak

  This time, the Daxiu Jihua Group teamed up with Beijing Liu Wei Studio to form a top R & D team to carry out product design and development with the purpose of “new technology, new materials, and new functions”.Liu Wei, the winner of the Golden Top Award, led.As a leading figure in China’s professional clothing design, Liu Wei enjoys a reputation in the domestic and foreign fashion industry.She has served as the main costume design of national events such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, and the Shanghai Summit.More than 100 national official image uniforms and large -scale enterprises and institutions such as the Bank of Communications, including the Bank of Communications, show their outstanding design talents and deep design skills.

  Liu Wei revealed at the media conference: “The eight series and more than 80 sets of carefully designed clothing will be presented in this big show, including polar outdoor series, technology function series, emergency rescue technology function series, urban guarantee protection workers, war, warThe diligent clothing equipment series, business fashion window service series, etc., strive to show the new professional image of the Chinese industry army in the modern society in all directions. Each series not only pays attention to practicality, but also achieves the ingenious balance of fashion and practicality, as well as the perfection of technology and fashionFusion. “

  Liu Wei emphasized that the eight major series of scientific and technological content is significant. The series uses new materials developed by the top international technology materials and the Jihua Group, focusing on safety protection, such as intelligent temperature control heating, cooling noise reduction, flexible display wearing, no matter how likeHigh -functional technology materials such as high police, wind -proof and cold -proof, rainproof and leakage, water -absorbing sweats, anti -ultraviolet rays, molten metal splashing, acid -alkali resistance, and other high -functional technology materials, and cooperate with universities to cooperate with powerless exogenous skeletal technology.It can reduce the weight of more than 30%of the wearer, expand the application scenario, and highlight the value of technology in the field of professional installation.

  In the fashion design, in the emergency rescue protective service series, the camouflage installation materials and bulletproof equipment developed by the Jihua Group are cleverly used to provide comprehensive and safe protection for rescuers.Dan 66 fiber, waterproof and humidity fabric and other high -tech products make the clothing durable and comfortable; in the business high -customized dress series, the exquisite fabric and tailoring process are used to cleverly combine fashion and personality to create unique dresses and let letThe wearers are confident and charm in business occasions.

  Regarding the market potential of the Jihua Group at the Fashion Week at this time, the Xiaqianjun emphasized that many products of the eight series have been used in multiple fields, including the government and the industry to achieve highly scenario customization and customization and customization and customization and industry.Standardized large -scale applications, and products have reached the top domestic level in the aspects of protection, comfort, aesthetic and fashionable elements, etc., realized standardization and innovation, and the market is very high.

  Bright feast warm every occupation

  The big show presented by Jihua Group and designer Liu Wei will not only be a collision of technology and design, but also a deep interpretation of the concept of “people -oriented”.At the scene of the big show, the details will be wonderful. Every detail will carry warmth and care, showing the harmony and unity of science and technology and humanities.

  In terms of technology, the international top technology fabrics are integrated with new materials independently developed, so as toEnvironmental friendlySustainable development is the core concept, and is committed to innovation in fields such as emergency equipment, special protection, security and comfort.Not only pursue the excellent performance of the product, but also through the context and immersive experience, pay attention to the comprehensive needs of people in the professional environment, and convey the brand’s mission and responsibility.

  In terms of design, Liu Wei firmly believes that technology and design are only a means to serve humans. The biggest meaning is to realize humanistic care.Therefore, during the research and development process, the team not only focuses on the function and appearance of the product, but also pays attention to the user’s experience and experience.The refined and personalized design in the series of products displayed this time aims to realize the emotional connection between the product and the person, so that people can feel the resonance of the soul and the belonging of emotions in use.

  Xia Qianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of the Jihua Group Co., Ltd. finally emphasized that the Jihua Group always adheres to the design concept of “health, safety, green, and fashion”, which will penetrate the people -oriented concept throughout the product research and development and design.Deliven to casting healthy shields, shields of life.The series of products displayed this time integrate the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development into every link of product development, design, production and sales, perform social responsibility with practical actions, and create a better living environment for humanity in the future.

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