2024 Zhongwang Education · Basic Education Science and Technology Innovation Talent Training High -end Forum is successfully held!

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Recently, the “Engineering Casting Soul Calling Smart Leading Future” hosted by Zhongwang Software 2024 Zhongwang Education · Basic Education Science and Technology Innovation Talent Training High -end Forum was grandly held in Chongqing.In the “AI+Engineering Education” era topic, in -depth exploration of the cultivation path of reserve talents in science and technology innovation, providing solid support for the purpose of building the three major powers of education, science and technology, and talent.

Deputy General Manager Liu Li

In the context of industrial upgrading, new quality productivity is becoming an important engine to promote economic and social development.This change puts forward higher innovation capabilities, practical ability, and requirements for comprehensive literacy of interdisciplinary comprehensive literacy for talents.

Professor Zhu Zhiling explained the concept of “Sunac Education” in the keynote speech, and emphasized that the new quality education should face innovation problems.He specifically pointed out that the combination of cross -disciplinary education and design thinking training played a key role in cultivating new talents. In order to deepen the reform of China Sunac Education at the basic education stage, the key areas of industrial software should be closely combined with design innovationDriver is the core to lead the cultivation of new talents.

Professor Li Shuangshou

Kang Wenxia, a teaching and researcher at the Education Informatization Maker Education Research Center, in -depth analysis of the ideological innovation reserve talent training ideas with the main line of “AI+Engineering”.She emphasized that Zhongwang Education is closely linked to the requirements of the new curriculum standard. Based on domestic self -developed technology base core, it can provide platforms, tools, courses, courses to teacher training, competitions, and research.The system realizes the deep integration and practical application of interdisciplinary knowledge.During the basic education stage, Zhongwang AI+Engineering Education Technology Innovation Talent Training panorama covers four major categories of solutions for artificial intelligence, engineering education, labor skills, and Xinchuang, which not only provides students with rich learning resources and practical opportunities.Learn and innovate laboratories to guide students to take the initiative to explore and actively innovate.

Kang Wenxia teaching and researchers

The scientific competition system is very important for the cultivation and selection of talents, and it is also an important part of Zhongwang Software Service Engineering Education.At the forum, Xie Qiong, the director of the Central Education Department, elaborated on the planning of the first competition brand “ONE” of the “AI+Engineering Education” first competition brand.He pointed out that Zhongwang’s competition system runs through the general section of general vocational duties and closely focuses on the three directions of mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and infrastructure.In the basic education stage, the event will be divided into three categories: three -dimensional design creativity, artificial intelligence simulation, and engineering practice. Let students deepen their understanding of theoretical knowledge through personal participation in the research and development and implementation of actual projects, and improve the practical ability of engineering practice capabilitiesEssence

National Science and Technology Education Applied Demonstration School and Case Sharing of College of Representatives

The forum site also held a market strategic partner awarding ceremony, which recognized many outstanding partners.

Market strategic partner award

Subsequently, with the guidance of the competent department and the support of ecological partners, Wang Changmin, deputy general manager of Zhongwang Software, Wang Changmin, general manager of Zhongwang Education Department and the general manager of Xinchuang Division, joined hands with Liu Guoang, a subject of the student service and quality center of the Ministry of EducationHuang Ni, Ma Xiaoqiang, President of Electrical Education Electronic Audiovisual Publishing House, Yang Zheng, deputy general manager of Founder Software, Liao Jisheng, general manager of Shengma Youchuang, and Great VIP CEO of Danuo Education.Establish a model of engineering education and promote the innovation of science and technology reserve talent training model.

“AI+Engineering” education solution release

The successful holding of this forum provides valuable experience and inspiration for engineering education in primary and secondary schools. It will further promote the development of engineering education and help my country build a strong country, a strong science and technology, and a talent country.

It is reported that Zhongwang Software is the leading domestic All-in-One CAX (CAD/CAE/CAM) solution provider.Core technologies and product matrix, which are based on multi -disciplinary simulation such as electromagnetic/structure.Software products are sold in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and genuine users exceed 1.4 million, which is widely used in the fields of manufacturing and engineering construction in machinery, electronics, automobiles, construction, transportation, energy, and other manufacturing industries.

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