Anhui Huaibei: The 11th Food Industry Expo opened

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On the morning of April 19th, the three -day 2024 Eleventh Huaibei Food Industry Expo opened in the Food Expo Park, Huaibei Mountain Economic Development Zone, Anhui.This year’s Food Expo has attracted more than 500 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition. Since 2012, the Huaibei Food Industry Expo has successfully held ten sessions, and has created a golden signboard in Huaibei.
It is understood that the World Expo has continued the theme of “focusing, gathering, aggregating, innovation, leading, and leapfrog”.More than 1,000 professional buyers and dealers attended the meeting.
As an important national food base, in recent years, Huaibei City has relying on the rich food outlook on relying on rich agricultural product resources to ensure the safety of food.Do a good job of “Grain Head Food”, “Beast Head’s Meat Tail” and “Agricultural Head Tail” value -added articles, build three major food industry processing parks: Xiangshan Economic Development Zone, Bai Shan Food Industry Park and Kouzi Industrial Park to create tenProvincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, 14 provincial -level long -term green agricultural product processing bases.
Last year, Huaibei achieved a bumper harvest for two decades. Wheat alone ranked first in the province for 6 consecutive years. The output value of the green food industry chain increased by 7.3%year -on -year. The output value of agricultural product processing industry increased by 3.4%.Gradually show that the development prospects are very broad.
Entering the event site, there are local brands such as Huaibei, such as Houzi Cellar, Xiqiang Dairy, Huixiang Yuyuan, Su Tai, etc., as well as products such as Tibetan Shannan.Sauce, products in overseas countries such as Malaysia Coffee.The people at the scene were crowded and lively, and citizens and tourists stopped to taste and praised all kinds of food.
It is reported that during the exhibition, the 2024 green and healthy food development forum will also be held simultaneously, investing in Huaibei Bank, Anhui “Double Innovation”, food industry products supply and demand docking, live broadcasts and other series of activities.
“In the next step, we will seize the major opportunities for the provincial party committee and the provincial government to support northern Anhui to build a green food industry cluster, carry out independent innovation, promote strong chain supplementation at high levels, and promote the industrial ecology at high quality.”At the opening ceremony, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee said that he worked hard to build the green food industry into a new industry that supports high -quality transformation and development, and accelerated the construction of a green food industry gathering in northern Anhui and radiating the Yangtze River Delta.
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