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Next, Xiaobian takes a good place for everyone to popularize the exercise, let you move correctly!


Do you really understand sports?

What is exercise?

Many people now have a misunderstanding of exercise: they think that they follow the Internet celebrity, running, playing, swimming, climbing a mountain, sweat to achieve the purpose of exercise.

In fact, if the action, skills, and methods are not professional enough, at most of the physical activity, the standard of exercise cannot be met.

Xiaobian must give you two concepts of science popularization: physical activity and exercise.

Physical activity refers to the activity of physical muscles. To be precise, it is the movement of skeletal muscles. It is the consumption of the energy of the body’s most basic metabolism, such as walking, running, and picking items.

Exercise refers to the physical exercise that takes a certain period of time in the spare time. It is an active physical activity aimed at fitness and part of physical activity, but it is greater and more professional.

What are the differences between the two?

For a simple example, if a machine is used for a long time but does not maintain it for a long time, the probability of failure and scrap will rise directly due to air corrosion and part wear.

Frequent physical activity is equivalent to applying lubricating oil to the body, which can extend the life of the machine; and professional sports training, just like advanced maintenance, not only makes the performance of the machine better, but also maintains the life.

To put it simply, we often perform activities. For example, if you are tilted, our power will be improved, but the help of the body is limited to this.

And if there is a professional exercise method to train, it can not only exercise the strength of the muscles, but also the toughness of the muscles, the beauty of the lines, the coordination of other body parts, and so on.

The difference is just like we do primary school mathematics questions and university high -number questions. The need for knowledge reserves, theoretical guidance, and resource support are completely different.

Why is physical activity and physical movement so big?In addition to professional system theory guidance, the most critical factor is whether there is a correct action or method to complete the movement.

The correct method, movement and skills can not only reduce the damage to the bones and muscles during the completion of the action, but also reduce the energy loss during the completion of the action.

The wrong movement not only does not have the flexibility and stability required to complete the action, but also brings the risk of injury and the useless loss of physical energy.

For example, everyone loves to do squat action, but many people will have the phenomenon of excessive leaning and knee internal buckle.

Such a squat action will occur in many problems during the squatting process, such as increased back cutting force, leakage of lower limb strength, and wear of knee ligaments.

There are also many people’s favorite ball movements, but people who move them rarely rarely to warm up, shoot, swing gestures, and posture are not correct, and they will not protect themselves.Also avoid physical injury.

The physical condition from birth to the age of 70 is the process of rising-stability-decline, and the physique of people after 30 years of age has begun to decline.

If you want to extend the strong period of physical fitness, the professional exercise method must be studied and learned.


Exercise is not Belief and has no harm!

It stands to reason that strengthening the body is a good thing. If you master the correct method, exercise should be Belly without harm.

But do you know, the more professional sports staff may be more vulnerable than ordinary people!What’s more, it destroyed the body because of exercise.

For example, some professional athletes, sometimes they did not have any contacts with others, or they suddenly fell to the ground, and they directly announced the seasonal reimbursement after the inspection.

This is because for people who often exercise, they are often under the state of super limits, so they are more vulnerable than ordinary people.

In training or exercise, we often force our body to the limit. This is an act of oppressing the immune system, which can cause low motion immune function, which is artificial “immunosuppressing”.

Therefore, those athletes and people who are often professional movement are sometimes more “fragile” than ordinary people.

After a high-intensity exercise, the human immune function will be reduced at a very fast speed, usually recover within 3-72 hours.

The period of reduced immunity is called “immune opening window”, and human body is very vulnerable to pathogenic infection.Many people are more likely to get sick after exercising, because of this reason.

If the exercise has been exercised for a long time in the opening period, it will also cause the accumulation of damage to immunity and cause more serious consequences.

For more than 60 minutes of training, it will lead to insufficient glycogen reserves in the body and insufficient energy supply.This will not only have problems with glycogen supply, but also the body will be short of water.

The higher the degree of dehydration of the body, the greater the physiological burden.

For example, when exercise sweating causes a reduction in body fluids by 2%, the strength and endurance of the body will weaken; when it reaches more than 4%, severe conditions such as muscle spasm, fever disease, heat stroke or death may occur.

It can be seen that although exercise is a good thing, there are disadvantages!


Exercise, so scientific!

Exercise is so troublesome, and there are so many disadvantages, is it just everyone lying flat?

In fact, the benefits of sports on the body are obvious. The content published in the authoritative medical journal “Liuye Knife-Global Health” proves that at least 3.9 million people around the world can avoid premature death through full physical activity.

sportsIt can also improve sleep,This is a good regulating role in the excitement and suppression process of movement in the nervous system, and establish a good cycle for restoring normal sleep.

As an ordinary personIn terms of us, wenow thatnot that muchenergyTransportAct as a specialtyIndustry,,also notThatVery muchBetweenStudying sports, we only need to choose the right exercise, just go to the correct activity.

As Academician Zhong Nanshan said: In my health dictionary, two words have not been left for decades -exercise.I play everything, playing basketball on Friday, and playing badminton on Sunday.Even if you are busy, as long as you have 10 minutes, I will seize time to exercise. For example, running at home, my treadmill is placed by the bedroom bed.

I advocate that everyone should exercise appropriately, and exercise should be appropriate, rather than being exhausted every day like enjoying it.

According to the interpretation of the “National Fitness Guide” in China, for those who lack exercise in normal times, they need to be gradual, starting from low and medium -intensity exercise, and then transitioning to high intensity.

The easiest way is to obey the first feeling of our body: when the exercise load is suitable, we will sweat slightly or medium -level sweat, and feel more comfortable; If the load is too large and the body is too fatigue, the exercise will sweat and wet.

At this moment, you should stop exercise slowly, and next time you can consider reducing the amount of exercise and reducing strength or replacement of exercise methods.

Secondly, you should choose the sport.

You can’t want to improve your strength, but run all day and play some confrontation ball movements.

If you belong to the youth stage, at this time, the human body is at an absolute peak, and it is also the beginning of our awareness of the world and establishing a good three views. During this period, you can try to participate in some teamwork movements, such as basketball, football, baseball, ice hockey, etc.Not only to improve physical fitness, but also build good psychological quality and teamwork ability.

For people in the 25-35-year-old stage, most of them belong to the working family, which is not only negligible to exercise, but it is difficult to maintain a high-pitched state of work because of work pressure.

With social needs, you can choose some group movements, which not only relax your mood, but also relieve work pressure and mental exhaustion.

If social demand is not large, you can choose exercises such as cycling, exercise, dance, running, etc., while maintaining your health, you can also be happy.

For people around 40, you can choose to swing.

At this stage, the proportion of many people’s occupation and family life has gradually increased. At this time, the function of the human body has also declined linearly from the peak, which is important to prevent basic diseases and slow down physique.

A study published in the medical journal “Liuye Knife · Psychiatry” found that wielding motion of badminton, tennis, table tennis can not only reduce the mortality rate by 47%, exercise the coordination and muscle groups, and the muscle groups,While improving cardiopulmonary function, it is more concentrated, the brain is in a state of activity, delaying the aging of the brain.

At the age of 50 and later, the various diseases on our bodies have begun to appear. What hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc., exercise can help prevent body weakness and immunity decrease.

However, due to the reasons for physical fitness, please choose carefully with strong and irritating exercise.

You can choose activities such as square dance, Tai Chi, and walking at a constant speed. It can also regulate the body and maintain the vitality of the body.

Exercise is just an integral part of actively maintaining health.

If you only pay attention to exercise, you usually do not maintain good living habits, such as staying up late, sitting for a long time, and more exercise, your body will be unbearable.

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