Aviation General Hospital Health Management Center: Focus on creating a one -stop health management service platform

The Health Management Center of the Aviation General Hospital is also the medical examination center of China Aviation Industry Health Management and the test pilot. In recent years, relying on the overall technical strength of the General Hospital of Aviation, the center uses the “March Sixth” as the discipline development concept to meet different inspections in all directions.Under the premise of the needs of the person, we will focus on carrying out a new one -stop health management service for key groups and key slow patients to achieve early screening, early evaluation, and early intervention of chronic diseases to enhance the sense of obtaining the inspector.

Health Management Center organizes multi -disciplinary expert consultation

“Three Six One” is the discipline development concept of the Health Management Center.”Three” refers to the first, second, and third level prevention.First -level prevention is to prevent disease before diseases, and do good guidance such as health education and lifestyle intervention when the subject is not ill; second -level prevention is to accurately evaluate the health status of the subjects, and conduct early screening of key chronic diseases.Intervention in time; third -level prevention is to treat key chronic diseases (crowds)+MDT (multi -disciplinary expert consultation), and formulate personal chemotherapy plans.

“Six” is the six divisions.In health management, the center cooperates with clinicians, health managers, nutritionists, sports managers, psychological counselors, and data analysts to conduct comprehensive health management of key groups (chronic diseases) inspectors.

“One” refers to one -stop services, with the concept of three levels of prevention and the six divisions as the path, providing convenient medical services for the subjects, key groups, and key slow patients.One -stop services carried out by the Health Management Center of Aviation Hospital mainly include the following aspects.

One -stop health consultation: At the Health Management Center, set up full -time consulting physicians to provide consulting services for all subjects.The full -time consulting physician is basically the deputy chief physician with rich clinical experience and experts above the titles. The consultation location is located in the clinic next to the front desk of the health management center. The working hours are from Monday to Friday, and half a day on Saturday morning.Enjoy a one -stop health consultation and medical examination report interpretation service.

One -stop special disease clinic of the Health Management Center

One -stop special disease clinic: In the health management center, set up a one -stop special disease clinic to provide diagnosis and treatment services for the patients with related diseases.The special disease clinics currently set in the center include 5 specialized medical clinics of comprehensive internal medicine, neurology, endocrinology, nephrology, and gynecological department, all of which are discussed by relevant discipline experts.On the day of the medical examination report, the subject of the above disease was found that the above -mentioned disease could be directly registered at the front desk of the health management center and completed a one -stop diagnosis and treatment at the outpatient clinic.

One -stop accommodation medical examination: At the health management center, accommodation examinations for medical examinations for demand.The subject is managed by a full -time physician to conduct high -efficiency and comprehensive health assessment and chronic disease screening.In response to the results of the detection of abnormal examinations, the first analysis was performed, and a multi -disciplinary expert consultation in combination with the condition of the Conditions was based on the results of the consultation.For example, a accommodation medical examination was found to have severe heart coronary blood vessels during medical examinations. The first time when he learned the results of cardiac examinations, the center organized a multi -disciplinary consultation for patients.After the consultation, the patient immediately transferred to the hospital of the hospital, and received heart intervention surgery on the same day, and achieved good treatment results.The efficient one -stop diagnosis and treatment has timely excluded the hidden danger of health and safety for patients.

Sports manager conducts sports guidance on key groups

One -stop health management: For key groups and key slow patients, the center has carried out health management services for six divisions.Among them, health managers pay attention to health management evaluation and health guidance, clinicians pay attention to clinical medical care, sports manager pays attention to sports guidance, nutritionists pay attention to nutritional guidance, psychological counselors pay attention to psychological evaluation and psychological guidance, data analysts focus on various dataPrecise evaluation.Those who are inspected through the six divisions can not only get a wholeHealth management services, and can also cultivate the overall view of the inspector.

The Health Management Center carries out one -stop group inspection services

One -stop group inspection service: In response to the group inspection group, the center carried out the analysis of the results of the group inspection, understood the health needs of the group inspection groups in advance, and provided one -stop on -site service including group health mission and individual health report interpretation.

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