Chengdu Traffic Police on Safety Education Day, National Elementary and Middle and Middle School Students Education Entering the campus to carry out traffic safety publicity and education

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Original title: Chengdu Traffic Police on the Safety Education Day National Elementary and Middle School Student Safety Education Day enters the campus to carry out traffic safety publicity and education

Cover Journalist Yang Bo

March 25 is the 29th “National Education Education Day of Primary and Middle School Students”.In order to promote traffic safety management of campus road, focus on the prevention safety risk prevention of students’ walking, cycling, and ride. In the past few days, Chengdu Traffic Police has conducted in -depth schools to carry out traffic safety publicity to enter the campus series of activities, so that traffic safety awareness will grow in children.Genging in the process.

Chengdu Traffic Police EnterChengdu Sports Institute

Go into the classroom and let the safety enter the mind

“In the stadium, you are fighting against time, but it is not enough outside the field.” In the classroom of Chengdu Sports Institute in Wuhou District, the police of the Chengdu Traffic Police Branch with the theme of “how to prevent non -combat members outside the game” is bringing a wonderful student athletes to students athletesThe vivid “Knowing Danger” traffic safety theme courses.In the classroom, the police combined with typical cases and travel habits to explain the meaning and role of the traffic safety labeling line to the students, and launched the “civilized transportation” from me to help the Ping An “event capital” initiative and guide students to follow them fromNow start, start with details, stay away from potential dangers, prevent accidents, establish a sense of traffic safety in civilization, and enhance the ability to avoid risk aversion.

In the 14th Children’s Park in Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, the police of the Chengdu Traffic Police Five Sub -bureaus through the interactive game of the explanation of traffic safety knowledge and the recognition of traffic signs allows children to understand the basic traffic rules.There was also a warm scene at the event site. In order to express their respect and gratitude to the uncle of the police, the children drawn in advance that they were full of innocent and creative “awards” to the police uncle, calling them “the protection of the people.”

Chengdu Traffic Police EnterChengdu Fourteen Young Head Park

Interactive experience is interesting knowledge

In many schools in Jinniu District, the Chengdu Traffic Police Two Branch and the “Police School of Police School” model with the Photo District Education Bureau, students play “small traffic police” to carry out traffic safety publicity through various forms such as traffic police gestures, dances, and scenarios.educate.At the same time, a “small traffic police” team is also a campus traffic safety volunteer. They continue to carry out uncivilized transportation behavior persuasion on campus, influence students and parents in a subtle influence, and create a good atmosphere for urban civilized transportation construction.

At the Jiaxiang Foreign Language School of Wenjiang District, the Chengdu Traffic Police 11th Branch linkages related police species to carry out the theme education activities of “Knowing Danger • Will Resistance and Guard Safety Growth”.This event has 5 areas, which are the exhibition board area, award -winning knowledge and answering interactive area, promotional data distribution area, truck blind area experience area, simulation drug display area.At the event site, the police specially planned the knowledge and answer of traffic safety awards, the theme games of the “Rules of the Taoist Rules”, and the “zero -distance” experience of the blind area of the truck.Common sense such as safe ride and walking keeps in mind, and develop a good habit of developing civilized travel.

(The picture is provided by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau)

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