Do not imitate!Fitness experts died unexpectedly while exercising!This "net celebrity" action is fatal and dangerous …

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May 15th,
Chengxi Town, Shengjiang County, Chongqing
A Penteenth man
When using fitness equipment to exercise
An accident died.
In recent years,
Some fitness methods become popular on the Internet,
But you also need to remind the people around you
Fitness should avoid blindly follow the trend,
Those should be selected for scientific verification,
High -safety fitness equipment and methods.
Men’s community fitness unexpected accident
Knowing netizen: The man is an online fitness expert
On -site videos showed that near the community’s fitness equipment, many people watched.The video shooter said that the person who exercised the person who died an accident in his fifties.
According to the news of Zhengguan, netizens who are familiar with the matter said that accidents often exercise in the community and are a fitness expert on the Internet.The reporter checked his personal social platform homepage and found that he often shared his fitness videos,The latest update time is May 14, and it has not been updated again. There is also a message below the video that the man has died.
Live video screenshot
Police Station: Excluding criminal cases possible
On the morning of May 16, Director Li, the relevant person in charge of the Chengxi Town Government, told reporters that the man used fitness equipment to “hang the neck and dump” and died on the spot.Earlier, it has repeatedly persuaded him not to do dangerous actions, “fitness must be scientific and easy to stop.”
The staff of Chengxi Police Station responded before,(Fitness ropes) are not brought by yourself, hung on it for a long time, “excluding criminal cases.
The person in charge of the relevant departments of Yanjiang County introduced to the reporter that the incident was an accidental death of the incident. When the accident was 57 years old, during the exercise of fitness equipment in the community, accidentally died by the rope.Exercise,But he tied the rope around his neck to exercise.
In addition, the staff of the Chengxi Town government said that they have been connected with the community where they will do warning sign.
“Hanging neck” fitness and popularity network
Methods Improper life will be fatal and dangerous
According to reports, in recent years,
Elderly“Hanging neck” fitnessReturn to the Internet.
They hang their heads, shake, swing, swinging, and even making very dangerous movements. Everyone alternately experienced the device, and the style of painting is very clear.
It is reported that the exercise said that this method can repair cervical diseases and improve the affected area of the neck.
Lou Zhiyi, chief physician of the Institute of Sports Medical Research, State Sports General Administration, once said that although the method of hanging neck fitness uses clinical traction principles, it is not advisable to operate blindly because the maximum weight that a person can bear the cervical spine is about 25 kg.EssenceThe neck is more sensitive, with the head on the top, connecting the spinal cord underneath, and there are some trachea, blood vessels, esophagus, etc. in front. If the neck hangs improperly, it may cause other series of diseases.
“Hanging neck” fitness may damage nerves and spinal cord,This injury may be fatal for the human body, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and even high paraplegia.
Back on the tree, your body is great?
“Wild Road” fitness is not desirable
This is a relatively extreme case, but what is exposed is a common phenomenon.
On social platform,The topic of the topic of “hitting trees” is also high,Many middle -aged and elderly people think that the back meridians are many, and it can stimulate the meridians and achieve the effect of relieving muscles.
Is this method of exercise really effective?
Physician Sun Jianfeng analyzed that many elderly people themselves have low back pain, periarthitis, osteoporosis pain, thoracic lumbar degeneration pain, etc. The corresponding treatment methods need to be selected according to different causes in order to obtain good treatment effects.EssenceThe blind crackling tree may make the protruding out of time, loose and fracture, resulting in more severe physical damage.
There is a precedent due to the injury of “hitting a tree”. Earlier,A 70 -year -old man in Wuhan caused the retina to fall off because of the “crashing tree” in the morning.
In order to relieve the pain of waist and leg pain, Uncle Zhang, 70, tried to use his body to hit the trees in the morning exercise method. He felt that “mosquito flying” appeared in the right eye.The sun at noon does not feel dazzling.
After a doctor’s examination, the retina turned off.
Experts say that the feeling of mosquito flying in Uncle Zhang’s eyes is actually the symptoms of the vitreous of the eyes to pull the retina to form a crack hole.After the old man is old, the vitreous body in the eyes is degraded. Once a violent impact is encountered, the retinal falls are prone to occur.
The fitness method of contemporary elderly people
How much “wild”?
In addition to hitting trees,
Most of the park fitness is no strange.
360 -degree large rounds, climbing trees, push -ups, inverted
All of “Being Essentials”
Be convincing
Human body 360 degrees rotation
Definitely the king level
Make many people feel the masters in the people
These stunts
It’s really not that everyone can learn
Acrobatic action
Most young people can’t eat it
People are old
Bone is more fragile
It is not suitable for strenuous exercise
The strange way has improved the risk coefficient again
When the wild road brushs the screen
The sound of scientific fitness is endless
Strengthen the supply of fitness equipment
Popular science knowledge is widely spread
The children of relatives must also explain
As the saying goes, “Old Child”
Many elderly people have some children behavior
From a medical perspective, science is important
Irregular actions can not only achieve exercise effects
And it will hurt the body
“Hanging neck” fitness also attracted the attention of netizens
Some netizens said:
This kind of “pulling the cervical spine” is not uncommon
I often see
More netizens said
Such fitness equipment is too dangerous
Hidden safety hazards
Remind again
Whether it is an elderly or a young man,
While pursuing health,
Should pay more attention to safety,
Avoid blindly following the wind,
Those should be selected for scientific verification,
High -safety fitness equipment and methods.
About fitness exercise,
What are the precautions
Need to remind everyone?
Let’s talk about the comment area!
Source: Guangzhou Daily, Surging News, Polar News, China News Weekly
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