Exercise can bring a lot of different benefits to humans, and these three types of sports are even more indispensable

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Sports can bring many different benefits to humans, so increasing people have begun to participate in exercise.Right now is summer. The outside is so warm and the scenery is so beautiful, so more people are willing to go outdoors to exercise.However, many people don’t know what exercise is good. It doesn’t matter. This article introduces you three types of sports. Novice Xiaobai will choose after reading it.
The first type: Speed Sports
Speed movement is characterized by a large amount of hypoxia during exercise, so speed movement is mostly anaerobic exercise.The representative movement of the speed movement is: sprint, short track speed skating, basketball, etc.We can usually use sprint running and uphill to exercise our speed and response ability.
The second type: endurance exercise
Most of the endurance exercise tests our endurance and body quality.Endogenetic exercise has almost no anaerobic exercise, almost all of the aerobic exercise. The representative movement is: endurance running, swimming, competition, football, etc.We can usually use slow running to exercise our endurance and physical strength, and slowly increase the length and intensity little by little.
Third movement: Powerful sport
Powerful exercise has a great test of our physical fitness, which is a type of anaerobic exercise.The heavy equipment to the gym is to the weightlifting project in the Olympic competition, and the strength movement is everywhere.We have started to exercise ourselves since childhood, remember the skills of exercise, slow movement, long displacement, and high groups.In addition to exercise, we can usually add more protein vitamins to prepare for exercise.
These are the three types of sports introduced in this article. I believe you have fully understood it.Then choose a kind of exercise.Do you know what project you want to choose?Choosing exercise first depends on hobbies, and second, it depends on your own exercise goals.
If you want to help your body healthy, you can choose some endurance, but don’t give yourself a super large goal at once, but take your time to increase the length you can accept.If you are not a professional athlete, you can do not do so long.The length is suitable for you. After all, the quality of everyone’s body is long and short. Do not use the same standard.
If you want to practice a tendon meat, make your body more beautiful and attractive.Then, you can do some strength training for local muscles.If you want the tendon meat, pay attention to the protein in time.About 20 minutes after exercise is appropriate.
If you want to break through your boundaries and enjoy the pleasure of exercise, try speed exercise.Running, short track speed skating, basketball are okay.But remember that warm -up exercise, the correct posture, and the cold body after the exercise cannot be missing.

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