Famous President’s "Study Study" transcript 24 years ago: The best education is to speak and teach

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Polar News commentator Wen Qingman

“Believe in yourself, you are far greater than you think, have infinite energy, but you don’t use the right way.” “Do you imagine that Teacher Lu has counterattacked, from learning slag to Xueba?”This is what he was rated as the principal of Ningbo City. On March 21, in order to motivate students to sprint the middle school entrance examination, Lu Qi, the secretary of the Party Branch of the First Experimental School of the New City of Ningbo City, even took out a high school transcript 24 years ago.It proves that I was really “scum”, and I said after class, “This is the strongest bowl of chicken soup in my life.”

Lu Qi is mobilizing (network screenshot)

In the mobilization of the middle school entrance examination, many schools will have corresponding arrangements.Different from conventional operations, inspired by pacesetters, and spurring with great principles, the principal did the opposite, and appeared in the story of his own “scum” counterattack.There is no tough preaching, and the truth is to tell stories. In addition to words, they do not exclude every student, and do not despise every potential stock.From the perspective of students, whether it is a general student or a not good student, they can be comforted from it.As the saying goes, there are no differences, only differences.The principal is not afraid of being blunt his “unbearable” experience by jokes, and conveys a kind of attitude: everything can be changed, and it is time to change.As long as you work hard, counterattack is entirely possible.”Education is a tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.” Education is not abandoned and abandoned.It belongs to its own light.

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