Four "longevity movements", choose one daily for 30 minutes, healthy and longevity

Exercise not only exercise, but also a positive way of lifestyle.

After the age of 65, can I see the length of life?

“British Medical Magazine” recently published a study, which conducted a 9 -year follow -up study of more than 6,000 participants.The results of the study show that the decline in exercise capabilities is closely related to the increase in risk of death.

Surprisingly, this decline began to appear in 10 years before death, and it became difficult to complete some simple daily actions. For example, when I stood up from the chair, I felt strenuous, or the movements of wearing clothes were no longer smooth.

So, how to measure whether your exercise ability meets the standard?This research provides us with 4 practical indicators:

1. Walking speed

Fast walking is not only the basic skill of daily life, but also a direct indicator of cardiopulmonary function and muscle bone health.

Experts suggest that the ideal step of middle -aged and elderly people is about 0.8 meters per second.If the steps are more than 1 meter/s, it means that the physical condition is good.If the steps are less than 0.6 meters per second, you may need to pay attention to muscle atrophy.

2. Stand up time

A simple test can help us understand the power of lower limbs and muscles.

Standing in front of the chair, put your hands on your chest, try to stand and sit quickly.If you can complete more than 25 times in 30 seconds, it means that the power of the lower limbs remains good.If this standard is not met, it may mean that the muscle strength of the lower limbs is gradually weakening.

3. grip size

The grip is the manifestation of hand strength, and it can also reflect the state of muscle strength and heart function of the whole body.

A simple formula can help us evaluate our own grip level: divide the grip (in kg), divide the weight (kg), and then multiply at 100.

For people aged 65 to 69, men’s grip is less than 25 kg and female grip is less than 17 kg may mean to improve exercise capabilities.

4. Difficulty of daily activities

If you feel difficulty in daily activities such as dressing, toilet, cooking, and cooking, this may be signs of aging acceleration and muscle reduction.

It is important to note that muscle disorder may seriously affect the quality of life and life of the elderly. It weakens the ability of the elderly to deal with emergency situations and may lead to weakness and functional recession.

These 4 “longevity movements” are more suitable for middle -aged and elderly people

1. Hurry up

As a low -intensity aerobic exercise, walking quickly can enhance heart and lung function and promote blood circulation.

Perseverance to walk at least 30 minutes a day can significantly improve your physical condition and help control weight and prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Jogging

Although jogging may cause a certain pressure on the knee, moderate jogging or fast walking is beneficial to health, which can improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Middle -aged and elderly people are advised to choose soft runways or grasslands for jogging to reduce the impact on the joints.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a whole body exercise that can exercise all parts of the body.The buoyancy and resistance of water help reduce the burden on the body and reduce the risk of exercise damage.

Swimming can not only enhance immunity and balance endocrine system, but also help middle -aged and elderly people to relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

4. Play badminton

Walking categories such as badminton can not only exercise the strength of the upper limbs, but also improve the speed and coordination ability.Such exercises also have a positive effect on preventing cardiovascular disease and reducing risk of death.

When performing shooting, pay attention to safety to avoid excessive force or sprains.

Middle -aged and elderly friends, let us actively act, choose a exercise that suits them, and exercise for 30 minutes a day, feel the changes in the body and the joy of the heart!It should be noted that if patients with basic diseases or chronic diseases, they must listen to the doctor’s advice and choose the exercise that suits them.

Original title: “4” longevity campaign “, choose one kind of persistence for 30 minutes per day, healthy and longevity!”

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