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At 15:00 on May 3rd, the first fashion parade of Central Street in 2024 was officially unveiled.
Near 15:00, when the fashion cruise team was waiting at the intersection of Central Street and West Shidao Street, they attracted many citizens and tourists to take a group photo with the parade and entertainers.At 15 o’clock, accompanied by cheerful music, the fashion parade officially started. The entertainers interacted with the audience from time to time and warmly welcomed the arrival of citizens and tourists.
Interact with citizens and tourists
Take pictures
It is understood that this year’s fashion cruise is carefully planned from a variety of aspects such as float design, theme clothing, actor lineup, performance form and other aspects. The theme of “Flowers and Spring on the Earth” is divided into colorful flower cars, European style, fashion elegant charmThe four major themes of COSPLAY will run through the year.
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Reporter: Ma Zhibo
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Review: Yang Yan
Coordinating: Sun Da

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