Futian was selected as the first batch of compulsory education high -quality balanced development zones in the country

Shenzhen News Network, May 8, 2024(Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Reporter Yao Zhuowen Cao Song) Recently, the Ministry of Education held a meeting of the 2024 Education Supervision and Supervision Association and Compulsory Education Quality Balanced Development Supervision and Evaluation Conference.City, district) list.The selection of Futian District, Shenzhen, marked that Futian District has taken the lead in achieving the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education in the province, providing a “Futian Model” for the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education in the large -scale urban district of Guangdong Province and even the country.
In April 2017, Futian District officially launched the creation of the national compulsory education high -quality balanced development zone. It was led by the Futian District Party Committee and the District Government and led by the District Education Bureau.Cooperation and promotion; in April 2022, the Ministry of Education was officially announced to officially become one of the first batch of counties (districts) in the country; in December 2022, June and September 2023, and September 2023 successfully passed the municipal review and provincial evaluation, respectively.And national evaluation.
From the launch of the plan to the acceptance, the establishment of the high -quality and balanced development zone of compulsory education in Fukuda District lasted for 7 years.By focusing on the two major themes of education fairness and high -quality development, we will fully expand the coverage of high -quality educational resources, reduce the quality gap between the inter -school running schools, and strive to make all schools in the region into high -quality schools with good conditions, high quality, and satisfaction of the masses.Make every effort to build a benchmark for the happiness of people’s livelihood and high -quality development of regional education.

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