Gansu’s top ten specialty foods, all of them love to eat!

Only the tip of the tongue in Gansu, not only the deliciousness, but also the respect and feelings that were given to nature.The tip of the tongue turns, and when to Gansu, what kind of food do you expect to fill your hunger?Essence

01. Lanzhou Qing Tang Beef Noodle

Lanzhou Qingshu beef noodles are commonly known as “beef ramen”. It is the most famous flavor snack in Lanzhou and the most distinctive popular economic snacks. It is hailed by locals as McDonald’s in Lanzhou.Lanzhou beef noodles were founded during the Guangxu period, and the Elderly Maluko was pioneered.Beef noodles are well -known at home and abroad with fresh meat soup and fine facial texture.Lanzhou beef noodles have five characteristics: one Qing (Tang Qing), Erbai (radish white), Sanhong (spicy oil red), four green (coriander green), and five yellow (yellow noodles).Facial noodles can be divided into types such as large width, width, fineness, two fines, hair, chives and other types.The noodles are hand -made, and a bowl of noodles can be done in less than two minutes. Then pour the adjusted beef noodle soup, white radish slices, and adjust the red pepper oil, green garlic seedlings, and coriander.

02. Lamb buns

Lamb is grown heavy, mellow, and thick meat soup. The tough tendons are smooth, the aroma is overflowing, the aftertaste is endless after eating, and it has the function of warming the stomach.Its cooking technical requirements are very strict, and the craftsmanship of cooking meat is particularly particular.The “Toto” cooked with the meat is crispy and sweet, and the soup is not dispersed.Before dining, “Toto” must be made into pieces.The smaller the cricket, the better, this is to facilitate the mixed flavors.Then cook by the cook.Cooking ravioli pays attention to the soup, the seasoning is appropriate, the Wuhuo is boiled, and the food bowl is used to meet the requirements of the original soup and the fragrant fragrance.Lamb puff not only pays attention to cooking, but also “eats”.There are three ways to eat: dry foam, which requires cooked ravioli. The soup is completely penetrated into the ravioli.Shuiwei City.

03, Longxi bacon

Longxi bacon is a local special product in Gansu, with geographical indications protection products.Longxi bacon marinates began during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.The raw materials are selected from the fern hemp pigs in the area area of the mountains in the mountainous area of Sixian. The pig has a small shape and is only a hundred pounds.Due to wild animal husbandry and exercise, the proportion of lean meat is high and delicious.Walking on Longxi Avenue, a bacon stall can be seen everywhere.The whole piece of cooked bacon pork skin is placed on the wooden case, and the skin color is bright.The side towards the customer is the cut surface of the bacon cut. Needless to say, if you smell the taste, just looking at the cutting surface of the knife will make you covet … cut it with a knife, it looks transparent.It is really lean meat and red, thin but not firewood; fat is crystal clear as jade, fat but not greasy.It seems that it is a tradition. Every boss who sells meat will use a knife to taste it for the guests when the guests come.The most typical way of eating in Longxi bacon is “bacon plus”. In addition, bacon can also stir -fry with other fresh vegetables. For example, “leek fried bacon” and “garlic moss fried bacon” are very unique dishes.

04. Jingning Roasted Chicken

Jingning roasted chicken, also known as Jingning braised chicken, is Jingning’s traditional famous food.It is beautiful, delicious, bright, brown, brown red, thick flavor, refreshing and not greasy, well -known, Shaanxi, Ning and other provinces (autonomous regions).food.Or for the road, or gifts to relatives and friends, or not, it is both a feast and a beautiful meal, but also a good product.People describe “Smelling the incense thousands of miles away, the taste comes from chicken.”

05, brewing skin

Species are a kind of cold food made of flour. They are available in Gansu, and it is best produced in Lanzhou.When making brewing skin, one is to add high -quality flour and dough, then add water and add a little salt and alkali, keep kneading with your hands, pour the washed noodles into a special “brewing”.After steaming for 3 to 4 minutes, take it out. Cut into strips when eating.

06. Water surface

Water can be used for cool drinks, but also soup when eating noodles.Coupled with green onions and coriander. It is even more popular.Therefore, the people in Lanzhou, Dingxi, Tianshui, Linxia and other places like to eat pulp.Water has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.In the hot summer, drink a bowl of pulp, or eat a bowl of pulp, and immediately feel cool and refreshing, but also relieve fatigue and restore physical strength.Water is also effective in certain diseases.Some patients with hypertension often eat a little celery pulp, which can reduce and stabilize blood pressure.It is said that the gastrointestinal and urinary system also has a certain effect on the stomach and the urinary system.Some hospitals have used pulp and water to treat patients to treat burns.The production of berry is also very simple.Generally, celery, lotus cauliflower, cabbage and other vegetable leaves are used as ingredients. After cooking, add fermentation “lead”, cover the pot in the pot, and use the clothes to be eaten for a day.

07, zongzi noodles

Shizi noodles are another famous traditional pasta in Gansu.It is said that it was evolved from the “longevity noodles” of the Tang Dynasty and became a good -looking for the elderly, the birthday and other holidays of the elderly, including “Fushou Yannian”.臊子面做工考究:先用羊肉、黄花、木耳、鸡蛋、豆腐、蒜苗及各种调料做成臊子;再用碱水和面,反复揉搓,擀成厚薄均匀的面皮,用菜刀切细,在锅Cook inside.When eating, first fish noodles, and then scoop the dumplings.When there are many noodles in the soup, the sanzi is delicious, the soup flavor is hot and sour, the noodles are slender, and the tendons are tough and refreshing.

08. Grab mutton in hand

All parts of Gansu can taste delicious hand -grabbing mutton. Linxia has the most famous production and has a hundred years of production history.In the past, because of most of the stalls along the street, the eatingers have always grabbed it with their hands. This is the origin of the term “hand grasping”.I don’t have to hold it with my hands, but I still use the word “hand in hand”.Grasp mutton with good meat quality, no taste, and fat and thin lamb. It was slaughtered on the same day and cooked on the day. The seasoning was superior. It was appropriate.The sense of originality, after many tastes, eats more, the more I am memorable.

09, Jingyuan lamb meat

Jingyuan lamb meat is a unique place.Its characteristics are unique beach sheep varieties, unique growth environment, unique processing methods, unique medicated nourishing value.Jingyuan County belongs to the Yellow River impact basin, with a diameter of 154 kilometers, which has created a unique climate environment.In the territory, Quwu Mountain, Harbiyama, and Yuntai Mountains and Mountains and Mountains are cold. The climate is cool. Dozens of herbs such as Chaihu, Ephedra, Yimu, Dandelion, Huang Ling, Patrihors, Mint, Mint, and Dry grass are flowing in the mountains.Lamb’s solar eclipse, night drinking mineral springs, which changes the ingredients of lamb cells, creating a delicate and delicious Jingyuan lamb meat.Jingyuan lamb meat is popular in Gansu, Qinghai and other places. The production process is supplemented by more than 10 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials as condiments.The juice is rich, and it is processed by stir -fry, braised, yellow, dry fried, grilling, stewing, steaming and other processes. It is rich in nutrition, fresh and tender, and delicious.

10. Tibetan bag

When traveling to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, you must taste a flavor feature here, that is, a collection bag, and the name of the image.Winname.The difference between the noodles of this nation is to use the green noodles as the skin and steam it with beef and mutton filling.Now the collection of white noodles is mostly white, lamb is stuffed, and then add an appropriate amount of sheep plate oil, add sauce such as green onion, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, peppercorns and other condiments. Put it on the cage and steam it.When you eat it, you must eat it while it is hot. The outer skin of the buns just out of the pan is clear.

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