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  Langya News Network News “Guoxiu · Langya”, “Only Langya”, “Night Painting Langya”, “Langya Fengyun”, “Yimeng Four Seasons · Red Amales”, “Linyi Past”, “Fast Feast” … Whether it is a large immersive acting or a small dramaLinyi performing arts are exciting and continuously, in a state of blowout, release huge traffic dividends to the market.

  Among them, “Night Painting Langya” marching cruise show is particularly dazzling.As the nation’s first Dongyi and Wei and Jin cultural themes, the real -style night tour of the night tour, “Night Painting Langya” uses the Laohe River Waterfront Night View as a canvas, with laser water curtains, visual effects, song and dance performances, cruise ships, science and technology shows, etc.In the form of expression, more than 20 dancers took the river as the roll, and Xu Xu showed up the characters, Liu Hong, Zhuge Liang, Wang Xizhi, Yan Zhenqing and other characters, presenting a new experience in the cultural tourism experience of “people sitting in the boat, the boat in the painting” in the paintingEssence

  Following “Night Painting Langya”, Shu Shengge plays the “Crossing” story “Langya Fengyun” every night.In the context of the Daliang dynasty, the top ten unpredictable Langya Pavilion judges have triggered a series of wonderful stories to select the new Langya Fengyun list … As the first innovation exploration of the immersive real -life game experience into the full commercial format, “Langya Langya”Fengyun” has attracted much attention once it was launched.

  From the premiere of this year’s Spring Festival to the present, the large -scale scene performance of the Langya Ancient City “National Show · Langya” has been “out of the circle”.It takes Linyi Millennium History and Culture as the context, and uses multi -space three -dimensional real scenes and folding sky -to -screen technology.Goodbye is the art feast of Yizhou “.In addition, the ancient city of Langya also launched an immersive acting industry such as “School Performing Soldiers” and “Fuyao Yunshang”, which has established a new model of tourism performing arts with “large indoor tourism performances+three -dimensional immersive neighborhoods+N”.

  With the acting of the scenic area, the traffic area has become the consensus of the major cultural tourism scenic spots in Linyi. The “Linyi Past” in the Hongyujia Township Tourism Zone, the “Fate of the Dynasties”, “The Blessing Ceremony” of the Heavenly King City Scenic Area, and the large original Liuqin drama “Qianhe River” of the East China Field Memorial HallThe new acting format such as the Bay “and other acting arts continuously improve the taste of” fashion Linyi “and praise it.

  In addition to large performing arts, immersive small dramas are also a highlight.In the tourist area of Hongying, Shandong, small dramas such as “Women’s Salvation Club”, “Literacy Class”, “Follow the Communist Party” are staged every day.Last year, the small drama show exhibited out of the scenic area, performed in Linyi People’s Square, and toured in various counties and districts.The authentic Liuqin drama “Pulling the Soul”, the red story of tears, and the modern repertoire “吔, I’m a peasant” and “Look at this family” are wonderful … Every performance is full.

  In accordance with the development ideas of “red belt green, green, red and green, blue and green, ancient and modern”, Linyi City has accelerated the construction of a “red, green, blue ancient and modern” boutique tourism system.Focusing on the advantages of water resources around the word “Blue”, since last year, it has successively created new cultural tourism performing arts such as “Langya Fengyun”, “Night Painting Langya”, “National Show · Langya”, Shu Shengge Guangying Show.This year, the municipal government work report proposed that it would improve the “Point Liangyi River”, build “Liu Qinghua Creek”, continue to create “water rhyme Langya”, and do a good job of tourism, catering, and experience articles.Under the blessing of marching experience, scientific and technological empowerment, and night travel, tourism performing arts have become an important engine for high -quality development of cultural tourism with a deep experience environment and implanting multiple consumption scenarios.In local culture, highlighting the spiritual temperament of the city, and satisfying the people’s longing for a better life.

  Lingbao Mercy Reporter Zhang Xiao

  Short reviewBroken “killing crazy”, why is Linyi performing arts?

  The towering wood must have its roots; the water of Huaishan must have its source.In the past two years, the reason why Linyi Cultural Tourism has continued to circle, continues to “kill madness”, and the popularity is not decreasing, it is that it condenses the deep heritage of Yimeng traditional culture and red culture.The consumer characteristics of communication and repeated staged are widely favored by citizens and tourists.

  The big performing arts make the traditional culture “tide”.Linyi has a history of nearly 3,000 years. Zong Shengzi, Hou Shengzi, Zhi Sheng Zhu Ge Liang, Book Saint Wang Xizhi, Da calligrapher Yan Zhenqing and other ancient sages were born or once lived here;Calligraphy culture, military studies and culture complement each other, and have become a deep fertile soil for the birth and development of cultural tourism performing arts.Large -scale immersive performing arts projects such as “Guoxiu · Langya”, “Langya only”, and “Night Painting Langya” have been “out of the circle”.The sense of integration not only enhances the cultural self -confidence of the locals, but also arouses the cultural longing of foreigners.

  Little drama “survives” red culture.Linyi City, county, and township -level linkage, take the lead in implementing the “Hundred Outstanding Mass Target Drama Creation Projects” in the province, and launch “Militarian Company”, “Follow the Communist Party”, “吔, I am a farmer” and other small dramasMore than 300.The masses are the protagonists, singing a big drama, from “culture to the countryside” to “cultural self -producing”.Yimeng’s spiritual “good example”.

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