How can the fashion exhibition in the museum be balanced with art and business?

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In the era of pursuing exhibition diversity, the fashion exhibition has become part of the museum, and its influence and popularity are increasing.How can fashion exhibitions be effectively combined with art and fashion, so that exhibitions have both ornamental and educational significance?When planning a fashion show, how to avoid becoming the brand’s advertising and the balance of culture and business, this also challenges the museum.

Recently, the “Inspiries -Promotion of Arts and Fashion Culture Transformation” Forum was held at the Cultural Museum of the Palace Museum in Hong Kong.Wang Shouzhi, deputy dean of the School of Creative and Art of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Yang Yueting of the Hong Kong Palace Museum of Culture, Sun Wenqian, executive director of the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, gathered to focus on the topic of “fashion curatorial”, review the successful cases of the museum fashion exhibition, exploreIn today’s cross -border wave, how to achieve an effective combination of art and fashion.

V & A Museum “Fashion in Motion” scene

Connie Karol Burks, a fashion strategy exhibitor from Victoria and the Elbert Museum (V & A), delivered a speech entitled “Presseen as a museum art practice”.She said that the power and status of fashion has changed greatly in the past few decades, and the popularity and influence of fashion exhibitions have increased day by day, which makes her lucky to the career of her love at this moment.Attract the audience’s interest and imagination.

Fashion Celebase Connie Karol Burks at the “Inspiries” International Forum site

Looking back at the first important exhibition on contemporary fashion -in 1971, the pioneering exhibition “Fashion: Selection” held in Cezelbidon held in Victoria and Elbert Museum (V & A) in 1971, to the large -scale retrospective exhibition recently closed”Garbelier Chanel: Fashion Declaration” (2023), the strong and emotional response caused by clothing screens shows that fashion has an important force in the connection with the audience, and fashion has gradually become a unique practice in the museum.With artistic forms, showing incredible skills, talents, imagination and creativity in fashion objects.

V & A Museum “Christine Dior: Dream Designer” exhibition site

V & A Museum “Christine Dior: Dream Designer” exhibition site

With the continuous development of the times, in order to satisfy the audience’s continuous changes and interests, conform to hot topics, carry out new historical research or innovative development, the curator creates corresponding unforgettable, influential and information -rich fashion exhibitions.The method is constantly adjusting over time.

V & A Museum “Christine Dior: Dream Designer” exhibition site

V & A Museum “Christine Dior: Dream Designer” exhibition site

Taking the “fashion originated from nature” and “Christine Dior: Dream Designer” (2019) “Garbelier Chanel: Fashion Declaration” (2023) as an example, in the environment of short -term exhibitions,To examine the history of fashion and fashion from different perspectives, and have the opportunity to carefully study the unique talents of a person or the long -term importance of a specific fashion brand, thereby better understanding their practice and their widely fashionable and cultural fieldsThere is an impact.

(From left to right 🙂 Gabriel Chanel, 1910. © Everyett/Shutterstock; cut the feather hat designed by Garbelier Chanel, Photography by Félix, Comoedia Illustré, 1910. Image Coutesy of H PRINTS V & A museumWeChat public account

V & A Museum “Garberry Chanel: Fashion Declaration” exhibition site

The work of the fashion strategy to exhibit people is to provide the audience with a “context” so that they can understand the importance of fashion exhibits from a historical perspective.Connie Karol Burks pointed out that one is to provide a variety of interpretation possibilities through carefully creating exhibition narratives, such as giving each exhibit their respective research cuts and background stories to enrich the overall narrative.The second is to enhance the narrative of the exhibition through space design and create a world inviting audiences to enter.As a result, the fashion exhibition aims to provide audiences with an unforgettable experience opportunity, and increase its tasting of fashion practice and its contact with life.

Sun Wenqian, executive director of the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum (MOCA SHANGHAI), delivered a speech entitled “Arts Enlightenment Fashion, Fashion Continuing Art”, which discussed the impact of art on fashion design from an artistic perspective.

Sun Wenqian, executive director of the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, at the “Inspiries” International Forum site

She cut into three exhibitions held from the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum.The first is the exhibition organized by Yves Saint Laurent at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum called “Betty CatrouX”.Mr. St. Roland’s speech made in the U.S. Lifetime Achievement Award, mentioned that art has contributed deeply to him and his design and exerts vital works.The collection of St. Roland includes the works of Monks, Constance, Mondeian, Picasso, etc. These arts have given him creative inspiration.The 1960s was the era of great social changes. The young people of Cyclonus brought the famous May Storm in French society, driving the new wave film movement, creating feminist enlightenment. The changes in art and the times are reflected in St. RolandIn the design.

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum “Betty Catroux” exhibition information

The exhibition of “Culture Chanel”, the curator expresses the deep cultural heritage behind the fashion form through a minimalist exhibition, and traced back to the exhibition., Painter Dali, Painter Picasso, Director Kochdor and many other well -known musicians, artists and poets.

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum “Culture Chanel” exhibition information

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum “Culture Chanel” exhibition site

The third exhibition is “Dior spirit”. Looking back on the impact of the galleries created by Mr. Dior, as well as artists and cultural people on his creation, in addition, the art of discussing art through today’s brand design as inspiration for the previous life of fashion houses and the continuous influence of this life in this lifeEssence

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum “Dior Spirit” exhibition site

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum “Dior Spirit” exhibition site

When trying the “fashion exhibition”, the museum also faces some doubts and challenges, such as how to make fashion exhibitions avoid advertising in the brand, how to do a balance between culture and business.In this regard, Connie Karol Burks said that there will be some doubts in this area, so they have always been very cautious.”We chose brands and individuals that have brought huge impact on the fashion industry and the cultural and economic level. We need to do a good job of business and academic balance. In the exhibition, it should be more historically related from the academic level.Research and show the public. “Sun Wenqian said that in mainland China, the fashion design exhibition is full of more and more challenges.First of all, how to make an exhibition that is not just for “selling goods” requires a lot of wisdom to control the relatively balanced “degree”, and to draw the relationship between the understanding and creation of the art and culture behind the brand;The relationship between and art, which makes choices more widely, making things from high places easier to reach.

“Inspur Shang” International Forum site

At the forum, modern design theory and historical expert Wang Shouzhi talked about the question of “where the ends of fashion art go.”He said that the importance and contribution of fashion in China and in the museum industry, his first feeling was about the concept of fashion.The first wave of fashion starts from a French named Paul Poiret. He is the first to make custom fashion. The history of fashion is actually only 150 years., English is called “High-Fashion”. At that time, there was no large-scale production, and it was still customized.Later, the second wave of “PR 了T-à-Porter” appeared, and English was called “Ready-to-Wear”, which was made of small batch of time.The third wave is our “Massproduction” now, which means batching. One is to use some factors of Fashion as Massproduction, which becomes spread.

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