Immortal of salt purchase channels, 4 stores and miscellaneous shops were ordered to be ordered to correct

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  Xiamen Net News (Xiamen Evening News reporter Gao Jinhuan correspondent Zhan Linjie) Salt is a necessity for our daily diet.Recently, the Tong’an District Market Supervision Bureau launched a special salt inspection to severely crack down on salt -related violations of laws and regulations.

  Law enforcement officers in the Tong’an District Market Supervision Bureau came to Wu Di Farmers’ Market in Xinmei Street and the Guanxun Farmers Market in Xiko Street.The “iodine” logo indicates whether the “iodine content” meets the standard requirements of Fujian Province.When checking the purchase notes and suppliers’ qualifications of the salt salt, they found that four miscellaneous shops purchased the “snowy” natural sun exposure of sea salt from the non -salt fixed point wholesale.

  According to Article 28 of the “Salt Specialty Measures”, the salt retail unit purchases salt from units or individuals other than salt wholesale enterprises or individuals, shall order correction by the salt industry department of the local people’s government at or above the county level and confiscate the salt purchased illegal.A fine of less than 3 times the amount of salt goods purchased by illegal purchases.

  Considering that the above -mentioned merchants are the first violations, the harmful consequences are slight and promptly corrected, the law enforcement officers make up the salt discovered, ordered the above merchants to stop selling salt immediately and rectify it to urge them to implement the purchase inspection system.

  Market supervision departments remind salt merchants that the state implements a wholesale system for salt fixed points. Non -salt -free -point wholesale enterprises shall not operate the salt wholesale business.Salt production and operators shall perform the obligation of purchase inspection to ensure that the quality and safety of salt can be traced.


  Four types of edible salt are suitable for different people

  GB 2721-2015 “National Standard Salt Salt” for food safety: general population and normal healthy crowd.

  GB/T 5461-2016 “Edible Salt” Applicable crowd: general population and normal healthy crowd.

  NY/T 1040-2021 “Green Food Edible Salt” Applicable crowd: general population and normal healthy crowd.

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