It is the village chief and the captain. The sailing Olympic champion has a special wish

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In 2012, after becoming the first sailing Olympic champion in Asia at the London Olympic Games, Xu Lijia said: “I hope that like Zheng He 600 years ago, let Chinese navigation famous in the world.” This is after the Olympic champion dream realizes.One of his life mission and responsibility.Twelve years later, the long -established dream will be “sailing on sail” from the Huangpu River, the mother of the hometown.

On March 26, the 2024 Shanghai Sailing Open will be unveiled in the Huangpu River. As the image ambassador of the event and the “village chief” of the event village, Xu Lijia convened a glory of the global sailing.The team will take a small junior knife and take a firm and practical first step to their lifelong hobbies -professional sailboats.


At the pre -match press conference, Luo Wenhua, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, handed over to Xu Lijia to the key to the sailing event village

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Southampton, Britain, is a port city. During Xu Lijia’s retirement study abroad, a “gate of the new world” of sailing boat opened.She was pleasantly surprised to find that there were sailing competitions almost every weekend, and the year was endless.Looking back on her sports career, before the laser Reyer (now ILCA level 6) prepares for the Olympic Games, whether it is OP or European -level, domestic and foreign events that she can participate in are only 2 to 3 games each year.In addition to daily professional training, foreign sailing players usually participate in different types and level competitions.

In recent years, Xu Lijia has also participated in some sailing events.Last year’s World Global Sailing Race, as a media person, Xu Lijia’s boat experienced it.”I went to two stops, although I couldn’t be global, but I was also thoughtful.” Almost all the contestants were foreign faces.In Xu Lijia’s view, although Chinese professional sailboats have also participated in the two America Cups and won the Kui Kui in the Wo Sail, it seems to have less continuity.

“The significance of setting up a fleet is not that I want to play a few games casually, but what can my fleet can bring the long -term inheritance of the Chinese sailing sports business?””Dongfeng held, Xu Lijia said that it was time to realize this long -established dream.


In order to prepare for the J80 level of “Sailing”, Xu Lijia has repeatedly trained it. She also started buying the original English sailing book to study theoretical knowledge.

She went to Xiamen to worship a 45 -year -old sailor Jim Johnstone. He has won the World Championships (Raydir -class) championship and served as a coach of former US President Clinton.”Like me, he is the Laser Laser -level player in the Olympic Games. I used to practice a sailing boat on the water more than 300 days each year, but he ran dozens of boats, and all of them were experienced.”

On Johnsone, Xu Lijia saw the enthusiasm of an old sailing man.This time, Johanstone will be the loudest of the Op Winer Lajia Airlines. According to Xu Lijia’s words, “Let him take us first, and my fleet will bring more Chinese sailors to participate in the competition in the future.” In fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact,, Olympic sailing boat accounts for 10%of the sailing movement.Although Chinese players joined, although they were not from professional players, they gathered to Xu Lijia because of their love for sailing.

The Op Lai Biosaido Sea team is not limited to professional sailing athletes who are willing to fight the international arena, but also for the majority of sailing enthusiasts and club younger sailors. “Our goal is to gradually build a large sailing team in China.Participate in various large sailboats and professional events in the world. “Xu Lijia said,” When there is a professional competition opportunity, we have enough high -level players to win this relay stick.On the field, signal to the world: China will not be absent. “Stiring this heavy burden, she said that this is her mission and vision, and it is very firm.


Last year, when the organizing committee of the event found Xu Lijia and asked her to make suggestions for the first “Sailing”, Xu Lijia took the initiative to capture the job of sending a collection to the world -class master.ILCA6 this event was the laser Reyir class that Xu Lijia was engaged in before. She couldn’t be familiar with it.As a result, she posted the event information on a foreign social platform to introduce the charm of the city in Shanghai. The organizing committee quickly received signing up from players from all over the world, among which there are many world champions.Xu Lijia hopes that after participating in the first competition, these international players will spread Shanghai to all parts of the world and have the reputation of “sailing”.

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