It will further increase the popularity of the masses of ice and snow sports

  Kukong News Network(Reporter Duan Huapeng) The reporter learned from the Provincial Sports Bureau on March 21 that our province will further increase the popularity of the snow and snow sports and continue to promote the “three entrances” of the ice and snow sports, increase the facilities system of ice and snow venue, the ice and snow event system, and ice and snow talentCultivate system construction.By continuing to reduce the cost of participation in the masses, the number of public skiing (ice) level standard certificates will be obtained by 2025.

  The rapid development of the ice and snow industry in our province has grown.A group of brands with the integrated development of ice and snow sports, ice and snow tourism are screaming across the country.The Fulong Four Seasons Town was rated as the National Sports Tourism Demonstration Base.According to reports, as of 2022, the total scale of the ice and snow industry in Hebei Province (total output) was 58.71 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%year -on -year; the added value was 22.03 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 10.1%.Essence

  In Zhangjiakou Chongli, some young people have changed from farmers and migrant workers to ski coaches.The local area has also changed from a remote national poverty -stricken county to a well -known international ski resort due to snow. The economic structure and employment structure of the region have changed dramatically, and skiing has led to the rapid development of the local economy.

  Our province has actively promoted the development of the ice and snow industry, formulated and implemented a high -quality development plan for the ice and snow industry. Through the ice and snow competition, the formats such as ice, snow, leisure, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow training have continued to grow.The related business format develops rapidly, and the province’s ice and snow industry is at the forefront of the country.

  With the continuous development of series of brand activities such as “Traveling with the event” and “Outdoor Hebei”, our province is vigorously promoting the integration of ice and snow sports, ice and snow industry, and ice and snow tourism.

  ”Let Zhangjiakou apply for more international and domestic high -level competitions to further enhance the subsequent use of the Winter Olympics venue.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Sports Bureau, our province will adhere to the training of ice and snow competitive talents and mass ice and snow sports simultaneously.Adhere to the integration and development of ice and snow sports, ice and snow industry, and ice and snow tourism, and strive to continue to achieve new results in the construction of strong provinces of ice and snow sports.

  It is reported that in 2024, Zhangjiakou will hold no less than 7 international competitions, more than 20 national competitions, and more than 100 provincial competition activities.Create conditions for the development of more formats, and will further promote the adaptability of the Winter Olympics venue, further promote the theme culture tour of the Winter Olympics, and let more people feel the charm of the Winter Olympics.By actively promoting equity reform, attract more social capital participation and enhance the vitality of the operating subject.At that time, the iconic building of the Winter Olympics will be created as regional landmarks, sports landmarks, Olympic landmarks, and cultural landmarks, becoming a holy place in the hearts of ice and snow enthusiasts.

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