Jiangxi Ganzhou City continues to improve the talent service system to optimize the development environment to increase the talents

Not long ago, on the mayor of Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou City’s 2024 Spring Wind Action Employment Recruitment Conference was held. 500 companies brought more than 20,000 positions and attracted 28,000 people to consult.

Service guarantee the landing of Ganjiang Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Rare Earth Group, etc. to formulate talent policies in the industry, implement “one thing, one discussion”, “one person, one strategy” & hellip; & hellip;Municipal strategy, creating important talent agglomeration centers and innovative highlands, and introducing a series of policy measures, attracting a large number of talents to develop here.

As of the end of December 2023, Ganzhou has introduced 105 academicians, introducing more than 700 national and provincial high -level talents, and 46,100 talents in various industries.

Adhering to the talent of “don’t want everything, but ask for use; don’t ask for it, but seeking it often”, Ganzhou promotes 20 counties (cities, districts) to set up talents in the Greater Bay Area and implement the “dual -employment system”Third -party citations” and other systems have attracted high -level talents in the Greater Bay Area to guide innovation and implementation projects in Ganzhou.”Gan Gan strengthened the cooperation between intercity talents and signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou and Foshan to further increase its talents.” The relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee said.

The spring southern Gan is blooming, trees are green, and wormwood is lush.”Word grass is to pick the top leaves to tender.” In Dongtian Village, Maodian Town, Ganxian District, Ganzhou City, villagers Chengzhong took 63 young people from the Ganjiang Innovation Research Institute and other units from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to pick wormwoodHakka traditional cuisine Emuo.

Washing wormwood, cooking wormwood, grinding rice pulp, slurry, rubbing group & hellip; & hellip; under the guidance of Chengzhong, everyone is very busy.”Most of us do research in the laboratory, and have the opportunity to come to the village to participate in labor and taste food, which enriches my life.” Said Zheng Zhi, a graduate student of the Ganjiang Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ganxian District establishes a normalized exchange mechanism with the Ganjiang Innovation Research Institute with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, do a good job of young talent salon event brands, listen to understanding talents and needs, organize young talents to penetrate farmland, experience traditional labor, and help them integrate local cultural life.As of now, 6 events have been held, and more than 500 young talents have participated.

Talents must also be guaranteed.In recent years, Ganzhou has continued to improve the talent service system, implemented policy support for key talents, “one discussion”, providing on -site services for the Ganjiang Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Rare Earth Group, and solving the funds for the project of expert projects on demand.The group provides special support, introduced the “12 measures” of college graduates to come to the city for employment and entrepreneurship, and give support in terms of job search transportation subsidies and living subsidies.Guarantee talents in peace and career in Ganzhou.

Optimize government services, help spouse employment, and talents who come to Ganzhou employment and entrepreneurship through the “Ganzhou Talent Service Platform” to solve the “key trivial matter” of demand in one stop.Talent towns, talent parks, and talent ports, a large number of service guarantee facilities have been completed one after another, attracting outstanding talents to take root in the old Jiangnan old district, providing a solid guarantee for their employment and entrepreneurship.

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