Jinjin Lejun 丨 Make academic more academics and make professionalism more professional

Huasheng Online March 26 (All -Media Reporter Huang Jing Yang Sihan) A few days before the preliminary test of the National Master Graduate Admissions Exam in 2024, a document on the optimization and adjustment of the graduate education structure layout was officially announced.This document entitled “The Ministry of Education’s Opinions on the Development of Education and Development of Education of Academic Degree and Professional Degree Graduate Education”, which uses “classification and development” as the core, can be said to release a clear signal: academic degree and professional degree graduate education equivalentStatus and equally important, are important ways to train high -level innovative talents.Next, my country will also become a systematic development of academic degrees and professional degree graduates, which will fundamentally resolve the convergence of academic degrees and professional degree graduate training.

Let me give you a science of the development of graduate training.my country resumed graduate enrollment in 1978. At that time, graduate education conducted at that time was academic degree graduate education.In the 1990s, based on the master’s degree in the master’s degree in business management, my country officially opened the training of professional degree graduate talents.In 2009, the Ministry of Education issued relevant documents to formulate a full -time professional degree graduate training plan for the first time.Since then, the scale of professional degree graduate enrollment has begun to expand significantly.

However, while the scale of professional degrees has continued to expand, the training system that matches it has not followed up.At present, the phenomenon of training methods in colleges and universities in colleges and universities is very common.In addition, some schools have lower requirements for professional degree graduate students in scientific research, publishing papers, and graduation than academic degree graduate students. As a result, some people think that the gold content of professional degree graduates is lower than that of academic degree graduate students.

According to the latest documents of the Ministry of Education, academic degrees should highlight the forefront of education and teaching, the theoretical basis of planting, broaden academic horizons, strengthen scientific method training and academic literacy, strengthen science and education integration collaborative people; professional degrees should be prominentThe vocational practice of education and teaching supports the joint formulation of training programs that reflect professional characteristics with the industry department, set up exclusive courses for professional degrees, and strengthen the integration of production and education.In a word, “Make Academic more academics and make majesty more professional” is an important goal of the development of graduate education.

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