Master these 5 fashion trends, who wears it this summer!

02. Bohemian style

The classic Bohemian style returns again. The exquisite hook needle weaving is simply the versatile of summer style. It can be worn alone or interspersed with other inside.The elegant natural sense of immortality, and the breathable long skirt is not too hot in summer, it is very suitable for sisters who like exquisite style.

03. Various retro style

The retro style that was popular in the 1990s and 00s was brought into daily life by Princess Diana, and was gradually sought after by the fashion industry to become popular.The versatile retro wind sweater and T -shirt, whether it is paired with checkered pleated skirts, tight denim shorts, or loose work pants, it can have wonderful chemical reactions with it. The products are different.

With a low waist pleated skirt, it is a retro girl style, and Zhang Yuanying loves this style very much.With loose workpants, it is a retro sweet style … or girls, or casual, this good -entry style is definitely a dark horse worth looking forward to in 2024.

04. Pajamas party wind

The oversized Oversize shirt, loose pants, and the version of the straight -angle striped shorts, the relaxed combination makes this summer more casual, lazy, and relaxed. Proper matching will add a trace of exquisite shape to the entire shape.feel.A few girlfriends on the weekend can open the short City Walk.

05. College style POLO

Polo, who is blossomed by MIUMIU, I personally feel that it is not suitable for all girls, and if we want to choose a POLO, we must choose carefully, otherwise it is likely to hit a shirt with an employee of a mobile phone store.

Like GUCCI’s two -color striped edge slim Polo, it is very good. It not only modifies the waist, but also has a fashionable style. The low -neck design is sexy and sexy; Miumiu is full of POLO with jeans.We dressed like this, dumbfounded, and the class was too strong, and it felt like a female worker who had boiled a few overnight electronics factory.

When girls choose the POLO model, they must choose a style with a sense of design. Like a low -waist -exposed belly button style, it is a very good choice. It can not only be paired with jeans, super short skirts, and trousers.The ratio of the leg.


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