National Sports General Administration of Sports Archery Sports Management Center

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the State General Administration of Sports in 2024, the institution of the institution publicly recruited the work of the fresh graduates, and the research decision was publicly recruited by the RF follows:

1. Enter the scope of interviewers

Candidates who are sorted from high to low in each position from high to low, and candidates who pass by 1: 5 and pass the qualified score line can enter the interview.

2. Interview confirmation

Candidates who enter the interview will confirm whether to participate in the interview before 17:00 on May 24th.Requirements are as follows:

(1) Send an email to [email protected], and the email title is uniformly written as “name+confirmation of participating in the XX job interview of the RF Center”.If the mailing address, contact information and other information reported during online registration have changed, please indicate in the email.

(2) Candidates who abandon the interview, please fill in the “Statement of the Examination Qualification” (see the attachment for details), and send it to the mailbox with my own signature and send it to the mailbox.

(3) If the overdue is not confirmed, it is deemed to have the qualification for the interview automatically.If you do not fill in the abandonment statement within the prescribed time, and do not participate in the interview due to personal reasons, record it in the integrity file depending on the plot.

3. Qualification review

(1) Online qualification review

Candidates are requested to scan the following materials or electronic photos, compose the document name in order to compress the serial number to a document, send it to the mailbox at 17:00 on May 28th, and check the original for on -site qualification review.EssenceCandidates should be responsible for the authenticity of the materials provided, and if the materials are incomplete or the main information is false, and the results of the qualification review will be disqualified.Qualification review materials include, but not limited to:

1. ID card;

2. Student ID;

3. Certificate of college (information includes names, schools, departments, the accurate names of the majors and professional code, political appearance, admission time, graduation time, denying students who are entrusted to trainDegree certificate, stamped with college or school chapter);

4. The academic qualifications and degree certificates of undergraduate and graduate students have been obtained.

5. Academic Circuit at school (stamped by the Academic Affairs Office);

6. Candidates who participate in the post -recruitment of the Beijing Inner Source Post Examation must provide the original and photocopy of my household registration information (including my account page and homepage of the household registration book);

7. Candidates think other materials that are necessary to submit.

Candidates are still not implemented during the two -year career selection period, and their hukou, archives, and organizational relationships are still retained in the original graduate school or in the employment department of graduates at all levels (graduate employment guidance service centers), and talent exchange services at all levelsThe unscrupulous graduates of institutions and public employment service agencies at all levels provide a statement of employment in the job of employment issued by the school or archived talent center, and the proof of personal social security without payment records.

(2) On -site qualification review

1. Candidates need to submit the original and photocopy of the materials required for online qualification review on the spot (1 copy);

2. Candidates should be responsible for the authenticity, consistency and integrity of individual materials.Once found, candidates who did not meet the requirements of recruitment conditions, submitted false materials, materials information were inconsistent with the electronic scanning parts provided before the interview, or the personal information was not true to cancel the interview qualification.

Fourth, interview arrangement

The interview will be conducted in a structured interview.

(1) Interview time

The interview started on May 30 and started at 8:20 am.Candidates are requested to report to the interview place before 8:10. At that time, the interview order will be determined through a lottery and interviewed one by one.Candidates who fail to report at the prescribed time will be disqualified from the interview.

(2) Interview location

State General Administration of Sports Archery Sports Management Center’s office building on the second floor of the office building (No. 103 Xiangshan South Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing).

5. Psychological quality evaluation

On May 28, the psychological quality evaluation will be conducted online online. All interview candidates will need to participate. The results of the psychological quality evaluation will not be included in the comprehensive results. The specific evaluation time and method will be notified separately through mobile phone text messages or emails. Please pay attention to check.

6. Physical examination and inspection

(1) Comprehensive performance calculation method

Comprehensive results = total score of written test × 50%+interview score × 50%

(2) Determination of medical examination and inspection candidates

After the interview, the medical examination and inspection candidates are determined according to the order of comprehensive scores. The proportion of medical examinations and inspections to the number of candidates and planned hires is 2: 1, and the top two candidates of each position of each position enter the medical examination and inspection.

(3) Physical examination

The physical examination was conducted on May 31. The specific time and place will be notified separately. Candidates are requested to arrange the itinerary reasonably.The cost of medical examination is borne by the employer.

(4) Examination

Take individual conversations, field visits, review personnel files, inquire about social credit records, and interviews with me. The specific inspection time and requirements will be notified separately.

Seven, precautions

(1) The interview room is closed throughout the day. Candidates are requested to prepare and arrange time in advance.Candidates shall not bring a communication equipment to the examination room and waiting room. If they carry themselves, they must be managed by the supervision and supervisors.

(2) After the interview, the candidates leave themselves and shall not disclose the information on the external question.

(3) Candidates’ transportation, accommodation and other costs, please keep the communication smoothly.


Contact: 010-88961961 (telephone)

Attachment: Give up the interview qualification statement .docx




                                                               National Sports General Administration of Sports Archery Sports Management Center

                                                                          May 24, 2024


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