Optimize the business environment | Caidian District implementation project starts "one together" to help the project starts early

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  ”Submitting an application once, several departments have carried out review at the same time, alleviating the burden on the enterprise, and accelerating the progress of the project.” Recently, Mr. Ji Ji, the head of the Agricultural Science and Technology Incubation Center of Caidian District, successfully obtained the “Construction Land Planning License” and “After the results of the construction permit “construction permit”, after multiple licenses, multiple matters of the project were reviewed and praised.This is also the first project after Caidian District’s implementation of the project to “review together”.

  It is reported that after learning the demand of the project, the approval departments of the district -level approval departments organized a review meeting overnight to carry out the review of the project’s land planning permits, construction permits, the application of air -ground anti -basement, and the approval of the soil and water conservation plan.Opinions are finally realized at the same time to issue multiple licenses at the same time.

  Since the implementation of the reform of the project “One Test” reform, in response to the approval of the enterprise project generation category, the District Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Cooperation District Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and other departments, as well as water, electricity, gas, and faith companies to carry out parallel review of the project construction stage.(Approval) Meeting, focus on reviewing the review (approval) business before the start of the project.Each unit conducts consultations for specific project construction approval projects, put forward review opinions on the spot, timely forms the results of the approval, and the review has objections, inform the application for the enterprise in time, guide the rectification, and realize the one -stop license review of the project.

  It is reported that Caidian District will also further promote the review of engineering construction projects, launch more link review services, effectively provide convenience for enterprise investment, and continue to optimize the business environment of enterprise investment and construction.

  Source: Caidian Rong Media Correspondent Wan Chaohui

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