Provide convenient and stable financial solutions, TETHER CEO highly recognizes the wave field TRON

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Recently, the encrypted media Bankless conducted an in -depth interview with Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino.In an exclusive interview, Tether Ceo Paolo Ardoino introduced USDT to the audience in detail and in -depth, and highly recognized the achievements of the wave field.He even said, “We should not hate the wave field TRON, and we should also think about it from the perspective of others, especially those who cannot afford the expensive costs.”

According to Paolo, the reason why Tether has achieved such a success in the cryptocurrency market is so successful that there are several factors to explain that USDT is a makes USDT an ideal value storage and trading medium, especially in a highly fluctuating market environment.

During the interview, Paolo said that in the early days, USDT was mainly used as a solution for the value of the transactions of cryptocurrency exchanges.Due to the slow speed of the traditional bank transfer system, it is impossible to adapt to the rapid trading characteristics of cryptocurrencies, the emergence of USDT fills this gap and provides a fast and stable value transfer method.

Paolo emphasized that over time, the use of USDT has begun to expand to other fields.Especially in emerging markets and developing countries, due to financial instability and the intensification of national currency depreciation, USDT has become a tool to replace legal currencies.Communities in many countries, especially in some areas of South America and Asia, have a large number of people without bank accounts. USDT provides these people with a convenient and stable financial solution.

“Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, Venezuela and other countries have a large population population. Especially in some regions of South America and Asia, more than 70%of the population has no bank account, not because they do not want, but because local banks think these potential usersThere is no advantage, and the bank infrastructure is out of date, depending on the technology built 40 years ago, “he said.

Paolo also mentioned in an interview that the growth of USDT comes from many users without exchange accounts. Instead, these users will use USDT to pay their own fees, such as paying personal bills.He mentioned that there are more than 60,000 ATMS in Brazil that can allow users to save or take out USDT. Similar situations are constantly occurring. People in many developing countries choose to use wave field tron.

Paolo said that Ethereum, as one of the earliest smart contract platforms, has established a wide range of developer communities and ecosystems, and has a higher market value and wider recognition, which has made it a preferred platform for many projects and users., But it is still too expensive.

“We should not hate the wave field TRON, and we should think about it from the perspective of others, especially those who cannot afford the expensive cost.” Paolo Ardoino said.

Paolo finally concluded that one of TETHER’s success on the success of TRON on the wave field is the advantages of wave field TRON in terms of transaction speed and low costs.Compared to other blockchains such as Ethereum, the transaction speed of the wave field TRON is faster and the transaction costs are lower, which provides users with a more convenient and economical and efficient trading experience, which also makes the wave field TRON become Tether’s preferred blocks of TETHER.One of the chains.

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