Qingdao business "cover" unlock new gameplay

Since 2024, the physical business of various districts and cities has been new, enriching consumer scenarios, innovating consumer formats, close to the trend of consumption, and winning more imaginative development space for urban consumption–
Qingdao business “cover” unlock new gameplay
If you compare the city to a book, the business “cover” is always looking forward to it.
Greentown Deep Blue Center · GT PLAZA is expected to open in October, JD Mall Shandong’s first store trial business during the year, the Sams member store Shandong’s first store is expected to start in the second half of the year, the main construction of Wumi Qingdao City Update Project is expected to be capped in September, the design effect map of Li Cangwu Yue Plaza is released.Wangfujing Group’s multi -child layout in Qingdao … Since 2024, the commercial “cover” of various districts and cities in Qingdao has continued to be new, marking a new height of Qingdao’s consumption vitality.
Recently, Fat Dong came to “explode” Yonghui Supermarket. This “little brother” helping the “big brother” can be described as the most lively topic of the retail industry, which also brings the industry’s deeper thinking about the development of physical business.
Because Yonghui’s confusion is not an example, it is not just a traditional business super in the new retail.In recent years, under the impact of e -commerce, consumers have undergone fundamental migration on the value judgment of the entire physical business.They are no longer satisfied with simple trading behaviors, but are eager to obtain a unique experience beyond material exchange in the shopping process -the in -depth participation of cultural connotation, social attributes, personalized elements, and innovative scenes.Therefore, the industry is suffering from unprecedented challenges as a whole.
The frequent action of Qingdao’s physical business is precisely the best response to the industry’s challenge.Enriching consumer scenarios, innovating consumer formats, close to consumer trends … To stabilize the “second city in the north” in the consumer field, the newly -renewed urban business “cover” will win more imaginative development space for Qingdao.
Complete business in the neighborhoods flourish
At present, the relationship between physical business and consumers is undergoing a profound change.Under the influence of the rise of e -commerce platforms and the increasingly homogeneity of traditional business, consumers’ expectations of the expectations of physical business experience have undergone structural changes, and they turn to a more personalized and contextual interactive model.
The booming rise of neighborhood business is the vivid example of this consumption trend.Today, in first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, they have jumped into the core carrier of urban culture and commercial pulse.The commercial business far exceeds simple shopping functions, but has evolved into a vivid stage of integration of culture, art and lifestyle, giving cities a unique charm and life atmosphere.
Qingdao’s neighborhood business is also taking place in such chemical changes.The historical urban areas are updated, and the new and new areas have been renewed to achieve the continuous stretch of urban historical context.More importantly, the old buildings of the cocoon injected new business vitality, created a new consumer scenario, and opened a new page of the “cover” of urban business.
The historical urban area carries the cultural heritage of Qingdao, and it is also a gathering place for Qingdao’s old names and the birthplace of modern business.At present, Qingdao is leverage to accelerate the gathering of high -quality business resources in the city to the historical urban area. Not only will it not only promote the update and upgrade of the regional format around Zhongshan Road at a high level, but also an opportunity to reshape Qingdao’s commercial temperament.
According to the overall deployment of the city’s historical urban area protection and update command, in about two years, Zhongshan Road Historical City will gradually build a gathering area for new business formats, the gathering area of ​​the new product of the old name,Consumption gathering area.
Advance the format upgrade according to local conditions
As far as consumers are concerned, the physical business space of today is not only the vivid display of the brand’s personality and value proposition, but also an ideal field for consumers to explore, experience and express self -lifestyle.They break the retail boundaries and integrate shopping into diversified situations such as urban strolling, cultural exploration, and social interaction, so that consumers can harvest unique stories and memories in each patron.
From the recent commercial landmarks created by Qingdao, we can see such efforts- ——
On June 6, Greentown Deep Blue Center · GT Plaza “official announcement”, the investment rate exceeded 88%, and is expected to open the door during the National Day in 2024.This is the first TOD ultra -high -level commercial complex created by Greentown China in Qingdao, which will present a new urban benchmark commercial matrix of “diversified, interesting, trend, international, texture, and service”.
On May 27, the Qingdao Sam member store project was officially signed, and Shandong’s first Sam Member Store settled in Happy Binhai City, Shibei District.As a well -known member of the world’s storage supermarket, its unique member system and shopping experience have attracted a lot of loyal members.
On March 1st, JD Mall started in Zhuoyue, Qingdao, and is committed to building a “JD Mall Quality Living Circle” at the core of the forefront of technology and smart life products as its core to create a new landmark of technology shopping for consumers who must visit, play, and card.Essence
Wangfujing Group in Qingdao Lianluo Sanzi.Laixi Wangfujing Shopping Center is currently completed, and its opening has entered a countdown.This is the first urban complex integrating modern shopping malls, five -star hotels, and high -end office buildings. The local business pattern and image will never be renewed.Li Cang District and Wangfujing Group also signed a strategic agreement in September 2023.Focusing on the overall positioning of “cross -city linkage, new concepts of micro -leave, new landmarks in urban -level, new consumption of trendy luxury, and organic and healthy new life”, the two major projects of Wangfujing Xiyue Shopping Center and Wangfu Jingshi Park Town are implemented.
Recently, the engineering design plan of Li Cangwuyue Plaza has also been approved.It will construct a diversified experience of the “N -way”, and construct a multi -business business system with “new business formats”, “new customer group” and “new space”.
In addition, the construction of Wumei Qingdao Urban Renewal Project in Shibei District is in full swing.The project will introduce brand resources such as Wood, Metro, Bai’anju, and combined with Qingdao Metro Line 4 to actively explore the TOD model and plan to introduce diversified formats such as composite commerce and industrial office.
Today, Qingdao physical business is accelerating a new round of renovation and upgrading, and it is necessary to create a more memorable commercial mark based on local conditions.Each commercial carrier with landmark beliefs, through coexistence with the business district, actively strengthen the deep -seated emotional connection with consumers, to realize the improvement of brand recognition and loyalty.
Vitality and vague boundary
At the moment, whether it is a flat historical urban commercial district or a three -dimensional large -scale commercial complex.Go to find the most suitable functional format, constantly blur the boundary and integrate life, so that you can gather popularity.
When the traditional kinetic energy is gradually micro, the new driving force cannot come out of thin air, and it is necessary to actively change and actively lay out.In this regard, Qingdao constantly tried “new gameplay”.For example, Sky Bowl, the top floor of the Hisense Plaza, is becoming a new red card of Qingdao’s new net red card. It uses the superior geographical location facing the sea to create a public leisure space, embed the cultural tourism into business, and pay attention to the lifestyle and values ​​of the target consumers.The matching business atmosphere will enhance the richness of commercial landmarks.
Sky Bowl, the top floor of Hisense Plaza, becomes an Internet celebrity punch place
The city’s “cultural capital” has gradually become the core of competitive advantage, and business is the pioneer of cultural expression and output.For example, in the Beijing Hutong, the old house renovation store integrates historical charm and modern design to bring consumers a shopping journey through time and space.Shopping experience of fireworks; in Guangzhou, the shops cleverly graft Lingnan style and international trends, allowing people to appreciate the historical changes of the southern city after shopping.In Qingdao, the inherent coupling relationship between regional culture and urban renewal is also providing strategic opportunities for business updates.Activate these hidden regional cultures and conduct innovative interpretations to rejuvenate in the new era.
Looking at business again, trust is the starting point of all business relationships.The “popular” fat Dong came to “both internal and external cultivation”: from the authentic goods of the goods to the service of excellence, from petting consumers to respect for employees, and even inspiring extensive empathy in the entire society, thereby breaking the daily shopping and cultural tourism experienceThe boundary between the intercourse has excavated new consumption growth points in the traditional business super field.The commercial market is complex and changeable, but the significance of the sample inspiration of Fat Dong is universal: high -quality supply stimulates new demand, new demand has spawned higher quality supply.
Looking at the physical business changes in Qingdao now, merchants must change their role from urban business “participants” to urban development “co -builders”, re -examine how to treat each consumer sincerely, and use more commercial innovation to empower the ideal life of urban life with more commercial innovation., Continuously interpret more possibilities to build an international consumer center city.

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