River, marine volunteer care Taoyuan Zhang Shanzheng shows the performance of the Youzhi Worker Team

[The Epoch Times, March 21, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Xu Naiyi, Taiwan Taoyuan) Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng attended the “Water Environment and Net Sea Volunteer Awards Ceremony” of the Environmental Protection Bureau, and praised the team with excellent performance.Volunteers also thank three companies for investing in the work of guarding the river or notes (AUO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan Wood Micron Technology Co., Ltd., and Consortium Legal Person Sun Moon Memorial Sustainable Foundation) to show their full corporate social responsibility.Thanks to all volunteers and enterprises for their contributions to the Taoyuan River and the coastal environment for all volunteers, to promote environmental protection in the water with actual actions, and improve the surrounding environment with their efforts.

There are about more than 14,000 people in the national water environment patrolling volunteers, and about 20 % of Taoyuan City, about 3,600 people. It is the first in Taiwan.The total length of the river and coastline of the river and the coastline of the patrol of the river and the coastline is about 190.449 kilometers. Among them, there are many important ecological resources, such as Xuyu Port Wetland, Caoyu Dunes, New Algae Reef, New House Shihu, etc.Protect rich natural ecology and human landscape contribution.

The types of water environment adopted by the Taoyuan Water Environment and Coastal Patrol Volunteers are very diverse. According to the type and task of the water body and tasks, it can be divided into the water environment patrol team and the net sea volunteer team., Outlets, coasts, and offshore, you can see their silent figures at 365 days a year.Statistics in 112, the results of the water environment and coast patrol volunteers, attending 9,471 water environment inspection operations, handling 1,148 net streams (beaches) activities, a total of 188,566 kilograms of garbage, and assisting 728 pollution cases during the period.During holidays, 189 environmental education promotion activities were also handled through independent call.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that in order to convey the correct concept of protecting water resources and deepen the importance of the public for water resources, the water environment patrol team and coast patrol team also responded to “World Water Resources Day” (March 22) to launch “The Yueyue Jingxi (Beach) Activities “called for more citizens to join the water environment to guard the ranks.By praising activities, let the public see the spirit of volunteer dedication, support environmental protection with practical actions, and allow Taoyuan citizens to have a better water environment.◇

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