Science and Technology Activity Week of China University of Science and Technology Start the Popular Popularization Feast Exploring Science Mystery

On May 18, the University of Science and Technology of China opened the prelude to the science and technology activity week. The activities were rich and diverse. It aims to promote the spirit of scientists and stimulate social innovation vitality.This science and technology feast has set up 28 science popularization exhibition areas, providing 124 science popularization activities and 13 popular science reports led by authoritative experts. Many national key laboratories have also opened the door to the public.

During the event, not only the popular science venues in the East, West, and Central Campus of the Chinese University of Science and Technology were open to the outside world, but also many interesting popular science interactions, trying to break the serious image of scientific inherent and make it vivid and interesting.Participants will have the opportunity to face face to face with many scientific circles including Guo Guangcan, a academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, listen to their popular science lectures, and feel the charm of science at close range.

In addition, during the activity week, a series of top laboratories such as the National Synchronous Radiation Laboratory and the National Key Laboratory of Fire Science will unveil mysterious veil. Visitors can witness the “Trendor” experiment and explore the “Hefei Light Source” and other countries.The device, even using the telescope of the teaching observation of the observation of the image of the sky.

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