"Scientist’s Spiritual Education Base" unveiled Liu Geng’s 95th anniversary of academicians, the Academic Symposium was held

Huasheng Online May 8th (All Media Reporter Liu Yuebing) Today, the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agricultural District Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences held a “Scientific Psychiatric Education Base” to unveilingWith the 95th anniversary of the birthday of Liu Geng, Yang Zhenhai, Secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, attended and spoke.
Qiyang Station was built in 1960. It is located in Guanshanping Village, Wenfu Town, Wenfu City, Qiyang City. It is the earliest experimental station in the agricultural field of my country’s agricultural field, the longest history, and the first batch of national key field stations.
The founder of the long -term positioning monitoring test of my country’s soil, Liu Ge, is also an academician. He is the first webmaster of Qiyang Station and has worked here for 28 years.Qiyang Station, a generation of technology workers, continued to work hard, and achieved a series of original scientific and technological achievements. The accumulation of “Qiyang Station Spirit” with “persistent struggle, practical innovation, affection for three farmers, and serving the people” is the promotion of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry to promoteOne of the three spirits.In 2023, Qiyang Station was selected as the second batch of national scientists spiritual education bases.
Yang Zhenhai requested that as an agricultural science and technology worker in the new era, he must learn the patriotic spirit of Liu Geng another academician to the party and the spirit of the country, to overcome difficulties and serve the spirit of three, rural areas, and rural areas.Concentrate on the dedication spirit.Resolutely carry the mission of self -reliance of agricultural science and technology to make new and greater contributions to the promotion of comprehensive revitalization of the countryside and accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country.
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