Shanxi Wenxi Xuedian Town: Learn to use the experience of "10 million projects" to carry out human living environment improvement

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China News Network Shanxi News, May 7th. Since this year, Xuedian Town, Yingxi County, Yun City, Shanxi Province has insisted on promoting learning and practicing the experience and practices of “10 million projects”.With the development of the human settlement environment, the rural garbage cleaning and the improvement of village appearance and village appearance are used as the main direction.The double improvement of “face value”.
Adhere to the problem -oriented, highlight the treatment of treatment, and promote the rectification at high quality and efficiency.Chai Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party Committee, adopted the “Four Bad and Two straights” to go deep into the villages to understand the actual situation of the living environment and the real needs of the masses, and sort out the shortcomings of the problems of each village one by one, establish a list of collections, tasks, and responsibilities.Work responsibility, clarify the time limit of rectification, and keep an eye on the end.At the same time, according to the list, focus on key tackling, specifically grasp, grasp the specifics, move quickly, and rectify, and make every effort to solve the problem of the difficulty of the people’s environmental improvement work.Starting things, carry forward the spirit of the struggle, make up their minds, and touch the truth.
Build a team of rural cleaners to help enhance the living environment.The key to doing a good job of rural living environment is to create a high -quality cleaners.This year, Xuedian Town has comprehensively strengthened the construction of rural cleaners and regularly held a meeting of rural cleaning officers. On the one hand, we summarized and exchanged the recent work situation, answered questions, and solved the problem of rural garbage clearance; on the other hand, through in -depth preachingThe concept of beautiful rural construction has enhanced their awareness and sense of responsibility to purifying the rural environment, and ensuring that the actions in the beautification, rectification, and protecting the rural environment can be implemented high -quality.Xuedian Town will always firmly grasp the three key links of “cleaning teams, management mechanisms, and consciousness”, increase investment, build teams, strengthen assessments, and re -guidance, and establish long -term cleaning teams.
Grasp the “golden period” of trees in the spring and carry out solid greening work.In accordance with the principles of “leading party building, participation in various parties, and green and beautiful sharing”, scientifically formulate “combat maps”, vigorously carry out rural greening actions, establish and improve the work mechanism of “monitoring one supervision of one monitoring one week”It is effective every week. “At the same time, the growth of the seedlings along the villages and villages along the village roads, and conduct detailed statistics of the specific location and quantity of poor plants such as the wind and weak trees, and the diseased plants of the green road section.EssenceXuedian Town will use the core concept of “party building red” as a guidance, and take the blueprint of “green and rich” as the development goal to continue to promote the “blooming everywhere” in various villages.Live in the countryside.
Improve the management and protection mechanism and promote normalized governance.The improvement of rural human settlements focuses on the participation of farmers. Xuedian Town encourages villages to include the maintenance of the village environment into the village regulations, and conduct criticism and restraint management of the human living environment.At the same time, carry out activities such as beautiful courtyard selection, star civilized households, environmental sanitation red and black lists, points exchange and other activities to improve the awareness of the owner of the villagers to maintain the environmental sanitation of the village; establish and improve the five -system supporting human living environment, including the duty system and garbage collectionSystem, cleaning system, greening management system, and party and mass service center management system, combine it with rural governance, use pragmatic management methods such as integration systems and digitalization, and actively promote rural toilets, domestic sewage and waste treatment facilities, equipment, village cleaning, etc.Integrated operation and control, so as to build well management, good deeds, activate the endogenous motivation of the masses’ autonomy, strengthen the ability of the masses to educate, manage, self -service, and self -supervision, and stimulate the “endogenous motivation of endogenous motivation”” “.
Increase publicity and improve the awareness and participation.In order to guide the masses to abandon bad habits such as chaotic piles and randomly discard garbage, create a clean and beautiful rural atmosphere, and enhance the awareness of ecological and environmental protection.I want me to do the transition from “I want to do”, so as to form a strong social atmosphere of ‘mass propaganda, mass participation, and mass management’, and firmly establish the “one game of chess” thoughts of the living environment.Taking the lead in party members, the villagers’ groups set up volunteer service teams with the principles of regional adjacent regions, and they are contained in environmental cleaning responsibilities to people.Zhen Huan’s new life; at the same time, vigorously advocates a new style of civilization, ignite the enthusiasm of the people’s participation in the improvement of the living environment, and enhance the overall level of the people’s living environment in the town.
The remediation of the living environment is not a gust of gust, but a long -term work.In the next step, Xuedian Town will normalize the people’s environmental improvement actions, encourage “one village and one rhyme” to achieve beauty and beauty.On the one hand, carry out daily supervision, mobilize the enthusiasm of the villages to participate in environmental improvement, and have a clear responsibility, responsibility, and a limited period of responsibility for doing things; on the other hand, actively organize and strengthen publicity to stimulate the common participation of the masses to participate togetherThe initiative and enthusiasm, ensure that the effectiveness of rectification does not rebound, continuously improves the environmental hygiene quality of the town, turns “the beauty” into “normal beauty”, “one beauty” into “beauty everywhere”, and continuously enhances the masses’ sense of gain., Happiness and satisfaction.(End) (Shao Jing))

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