Shenzhen Nanshan and Milan Fashion Links Buyer Economy in the future is expected

  Nandu News Reporter Chen Ziyan, on March 20, the Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Zhou Nanshan venue will start, and will last until April 14.During the event, fashion salon: designer theme sharing and round table forums, Nanshan fashion tour, cloud show, fashion night, drone theme performance and other activities were held in Nanshan, Shenzhen.EssenceAmong them, the Shenzhen Milan Emerging Fashion Art Exhibition held in the ancient city of Nantou will continue until April 14.

  The event is located in the ancient city of Nanshan Cultural Landmark. It has a history of nearly 1700 years. It is known as “the source of Hong Kong and Macao, the first county of Guangdong”.Today, the ancient city of Nantou has become an important city business card in Shenzhen.

  Nanshan Creative Industry is in line with international standards

  Today’s Nanshan’s creative industry is booming, and a group of creative design companies have brought together a group of creative design companies. During the Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Week, Nanshan District is committed to digging its own industrial cluster advantages and young consumption power advantages.Fully contact to enhance Shenzhen’s original design power, and to host a series of design sharing, industrial docking and buyer exchange activities.

  On March 20th, Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Zhou Nanshan venue opening and the first fashion salon were successfully held at the multi -functional hall on the first floor of the IF factory of the ancient city of Nantou.Industry practitioners, Shenzhen brand managers and other people attended.Fashion practitioners from Italy were attracted by Nanshan’s business environment, market opportunities and emerging design. Liu Yuhe, Director of the Nanshan District Cultural and Sports Bureau, and Maria, President of the Yizhong Association, came to the stage to sign this “Memorandum of Cooperation”.The cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between Nanshan, give full play to the resource advantages of the China Association and the location advantage of Nanshan District, further deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the field of fashion, culture, and economy, promote mutual benefit and win -win situations, and jointly promote the development of Nanshan’s fashion industry and the development of Nanshan’s fashion industry andBusiness cooperation.

  Among them, the ancient city of Nantou, known as the “East of Guangdong, the source of Hong Kong and Macao”, is one of the landmarks of Nanshan cultural land.The exhibition was opened on March 20. This exhibition consists of five chapters: attitude, evolution, fantasy, accomplishment, and integration of five major theme exhibition venues.Piave33, Meltin (POT), Alessandro Enriquez, Alabama Muse, FranceSca Bellavita and Nanshan Original Designer Chai · Rising, PERMU, Pantterfly, Lynn Gong, the exhibits cover the latest garment, classic design, and principals. Manuscript, art installation,Multimedia image, etc.

  At the same time, Nanshan Fashion Culture promoted short films at the same time. Through short films, you can not only see the urban fashion interface of Nanshan, but also tell the concepts of Shenzhen designers and the space and strength of this land for them.

  Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Interactive

  On March 20th, Shenzhen-Milan Friendship Exchange Ambassador, Ms. Zhao Huizhou, founder of the Hui brand, Giliola Adele Maule, Chairman of the Milan SHOWROOM Association, Raffaella GODI, Chairman of the Italian GUITAR Public Relations Co., Ltd. DesignerMiaraan’s founder Miao Yan, from a political, economic, cultural, and historical perspective, analyzing and unique insights on the Shuangcheng, and each looking forward to the future development focus and trend.The reflection and influence of the above shared the experience of the two places for the development of fashion and creative industries.

  The collision of ideas, after cross -space -time communication, under the world’s context of design concepts, cultural backgrounds, and diverse and inclusive concepts, we have seen the figures of practitioners struggling in the exchange of Shuangcheng.Stack -Wang Yan, the curator of the Shenzhen Milan Emerging Fashion Art Exhibition “, and the 10 Corso Como buyer shop Giovanni Subioli, Gianluca Borghi talked about” The Future Trend of the Way: Exploring the Future of Selected Arts and Fashion Retail “.At the same time, Via Piave 33, Francesca Bellavita, Chau Rising, Alessandro Enriquez, Pantter Fly’s in -laws participated in the round table dialogue of “Fashion Boundary, Innovation and Culture Integration”.

  In addition to this, the emerging designers of Nanshan and Milan have made a strong promotion during this event, making full use of the theme of the designer during the event and the buyer exchange meeting of the Bear Hotel in the Nanshan Ancient City and Showroom.They promoted and promoted their products and design concepts to buyers invited at home and abroad.

  Nanshan Fashion Tour, Cloud Show, Fashion Night and Drone Performance, set off from the ancient city of Nantou, connecting the Shekou Maritime World Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen Bay Talent Park, Shenzhen Bay Vientiane City, Houhai Cascine, and SIC Super Federation InternationalThe living room shows the city interface and opens the infinite possibilities of Nanshan fashion.

  In the SIC Super Federation International Convention living room, the “Cloud Show” with the highest altitude of this fashion week. The show is located in the SIC Super Federation International Club living room and sky. It aims to build an international exchange platform for Nanshan original design.On the day of the show, the original design brand of Shenzhen, CHAU · RISING, brought the first show of the 2024AW “Forest Reset Forest Reset” theme.Combining descriptions In the face of climate change, exhaustion of resources, and chaos, make changes, and advocate a beautiful world of peaceful and sustainable.

  During the event, the Shenzhen Bay Talent Park completed a “cross -space” drone performance. In addition to the many information of this event and the industrial image of Nanshan, fashion business districts, cultural landmarks, etc., it was also for this participation.Nanshan brand and Italian brand help.

  In the future, Nanshan will use the advantages of Nanshan’s original designer brand to develop the buyer economy and promote the original brand represented by the Nanyou area to the C -end consumer group from B -end to the C -end consumer group, expand public cognition, and drive mature brands to the world.The second is to incubate an emerging and independent design, promote the development of China’s independent original design, promote the integration of folk culture and fashion, cultivate brands and cultural output with Chinese culture, encourage and link the multi -level combination of original design and market, and use the Internet and the technology industryAdvantages, support local fashion brands multi -channel layout and overseas.

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