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Red Net Moment News April 3rd News(Correspondent Zhou Tao) Recently, the person in charge of the teaching department of Yiyang Sixth Middle School led a group to the Yayi Academy Middle School in Changsha for smart education and teaching exchange activities.Li Hong, president of Yali Academy, enthusiastically received the visiting teaching and research team who warmly received the visit to participate and accompanied the discussion throughout the process.
Classroom display
The teachers of Yiyang No. 6 Middle School visited the History Museum and Innovation Building of Yali Academy Middle School, and deeply felt the unique campus cultural charm of the “Innovation Education Experimental School”.In the second and third classes in the morning, four teachers such as Peng Haijun, Li Lifeng, Long Smart, and Huanglong of the first grade of high school on behalf of Ya Shu’s smart classroom benchmark teams were displayed on behalf of Ya Shu’s smart classroom benchmarking team, respectively.The four teachers combined the concept of context -based classroom teaching with a tablet -based “three -stage and eight -step” smart teaching model. The highlights of the classroom were prominent and exciting, which fully demonstrated the excellent style of smart classrooms.
Exchange sharing
After the class, the two universities held a smart education and teaching exchange sharing meeting.Wang Wei, director of the Creative Research Center of Yali Academy Middle School, introduced the “3+N” blockchain management model of promoting smart education and teaching.Teacher Sun Chaohui, the leader of the Senior Smart Education Research Group, introduced the school’s specific practice of the school’s “three -stage and eight steps” smart classroom teaching model.Vice President Chen Yongjun introduced in detail the “four new” smart teaching ecosystems of the “new information environment, new type of teacher team, new teaching mode, new teaching evaluation” of the school with the “Four New” constructed by the schoolSmart education demonstration benchmarks help the specific practices of school quality and excellent quality.During the exchange, Wang Feilong, director of the Teaching Department of Yiyang Sixth Middle School, also carefully shared the experience and practices of Yiyang Sixth Middle School in smart teaching.
Team photo
Mutual study, co -research promotion and improvement, and the development of the public development.This exchange seminar is a further implementation measure for the school to actively respond to the digital strategy of national education.In the future, the school will continue to keep up with the pace of digital transformation of education, continuously improve the construction of smart education scenarios, continuously develop high -quality digital resources, deepen the changes in smart teaching models, strengthen sharing, promote the construction of high -quality schools with smart education construction, and cultivate high school high school education.Human model, to offer the power of elegant books.

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