Smart Sports and Health This primary school sports culture festival is full of vitality

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Red Net Moment News April 1st News(Correspondent Xie Meiling Yu Yi) The students are young and young, and the wind is full of lush;At 8:20 on April 1, with the exciting rhythm of “Athletes”, in 2024, the Sports Culture Festival of Qingyuan Elementary School in Tianxin District, Changsha City opened.
The exciting “Athletes” sounded, and the national flag team and the drum team members stepped on their chests and stepped forward with a strong step.They raised the dazzling five -star red flag, playing the magnificent drum music, and opened the prelude to the sports culture festival.
Under the leadership of the national flag and school flag, a total of 18 square arrays in the second grade and schools of the school entered the venue in turn.The “Xiao Qing Aoi” is neat and vivid, and the slogan of high and high -pitched slogans fully shows vitality.
The entrance performance of this Sports Culture Festival is based on the theme of “Smart Sports, Intelligent Health”, and combined with elements such as Smart Qingyuan to fully show that Qingyuan Elementary School has implemented and adhered to the “five education” for many years.Effective.
Song Mengxuan, the principal of Qingyuan Elementary School, made a resignation for the Sports Culture Festival. She hoped that every athlete would surpass herself and become her champion.The referees and athlete representatives have vowed, saying that they will strictly abide by the rules, abide by discipline, maintain fairness, and show the spirit of sports.What is the opening of the school’s vice president to announce the opening of the Sports Culture Festival.
The sports meeting is composed of “brave first” experience activities and interdisciplinary curriculum learning experience activities. The content is rich and diverse, exciting. After the end, a number of collective and personal awards such as the opening ceremony class characteristic square array awards will be selected.The form is included in the comprehensive evaluation of the class.

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