"Smash toy" rude family education

  □ Jiang Li

  Recently, several videos released by the social media account “Zhao Juying Family Education”, “Home Visit China” and “Zhao Juying Chat Education” caused heated discussion among netizens. In the videoInstalling monitoring, let the girl throw her toy comic books into the trash) … The series of behaviors have been vomited by netizens as “bullying education”, and some netizens said that Zhao Juying was not a retired teacher promoted in the video, but was “dismissed”.Essence

  In this regard, the staff of the Education Bureau of Gansu Jiaguan City said in an interview with media reporters that Zhao Juying retired from a primary school in the city in 2023. The Education Bureau will intervene in the investigation on the issues reflected by netizens.

  Even if it is a retired teacher in elementary school, it does not indicate that it has the ability to guide family education.Education guidance and discipline teaching are two different things.At present, the topic of family education has attracted much attention from parents, and the family education accounts on the media platform are different. Some family education bloggers use anxiety and stimulate utilitarian eyeballs and sucking powder. This has reached the opposite of family education.

  In order to allow the family education guidance to play a role and guide parents to scientific parenting, we need a platform and regulatory authorities to strengthen the specifications of such accounts, and the instructor must have corresponding professional qualifications.Parents should also improve their recognition ability, do not be confused by the utilitarian of family education bloggers, and make simple and rude education for their children. Family education must emphasize parents’ companionship, respect the child’s personality, dignity, pay attention to the child’s physical and mental health, plan for planning suitableChildren’s growth path.

  This family education blogger conducts scenario -style family education by home visits, which gives family education a sense of scene. There is no problem in this way.However, the family education concept and method presented are harmful.If she is an on -the -job teacher. When visiting at home, she will be educated for students, and she will definitely be suspected of bullied education and intimidation education for students.It was punished by violating teacher morality.Retired teachers cannot treat parents in the name of family education, good for students, and treat students so rudely.

  Some people say that there is no problem with parents recognizing this way of education. Some parents want someone to take care of their children’s mobile phones and toys to allow students to “accept” to learn and monitor children’s every move.Tell your children that you can change your destiny only if you work hard to read books.However, the parenting concept of these parents is wrong.Correct family education guidance should correct the idea of parents, tell parents that students should not use students as a learning tool without emotion, respect their children’s privacy space, pay attention to cultivating children’s interests, and more importantly, to give their children healthy talentsValue education, students who can be admitted to prestigious schools are a minority. After all, more children will be ordinary workers in the future. “Can not enter a prestigious school is the loser.”

  However, some family education bloggers cater to the utilitarian education demands of parents, and strengthen the simple, rude and mechanical family education.In addition, he also packaged himself as a “senior education expert” and sent his children into a “successful parent” at home and abroad.Don’t say that these qualifications and experiences need to be checked, that is, children can’t explain anything when they enter a prestigious school.Because family education is very personal, the family education method suitable for others may not be suitable for themselves. Moreover, the school does not mean success. Whether children are physically and mentally healthy and have independent and autonomous abilities are the most important.

  The Family Education Promotion Law implemented on January 1, 2022 is clear, and the state and society provide guidance, support and services for family education.In June of that year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 18 new occupations, including “family education instructor”.Some people see the “business opportunities” of family education and enter the field of family education guidance, but they do not have the ability to guide parents to conduct family education guidance.From a practical point of view, many family education guidance, or the marketing route of anxiety, is not to solve the parenting problem faced by parents, and conduct scientific guidance, but to strengthen the “score first” view of utilitarian education and talent.This runs counter to the state education reform that the country is promoting, as well as family education guidance required.

  For such a “family education”, you should be clear.On the one hand, my country should accelerate the “family education instructor” occupation, and cannot allow pseudo -family education guidance to spread, further exacerbating utilitarian and anxiety.On the other hand, parents must realize that the core of family education is to educate children. An important family education method is to accompany. We must respect the personality of the child, pay attention to the physical and mental health of the child, and cultivate children’s good habits.What “high moves” and “shortcuts”, most importantly, parents must take out time and energy to grow together with their children.(The author is a well -known educator)

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