The 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition Chongqing held Hero’s focus on artificial intelligence+education landing application

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On April 19, the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition, hosted by the China Education Equipment Industry Association, opened at the Chongqing International Expo Center.The theme of this exhibition is “display, exchanges, cooperation, innovation, and development”, which has attracted more than 1,300 educational companies at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition.Focusing on hot topics such as artificial intelligence+and digital transformation of education, many companies on the scene brought rich and diverse educational equipment products and services.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education held a special operation of digital education, intelligent, internationalized actions and the launching ceremony of the “Expansion of Quality and Protestable Year”, and released 4 actions to promote artificial intelligence empowerment education.Siwo actively responded to the “artificial intelligence+” policy trend, combined with the accumulation of algorithms, data, and application scenarios. At this decoration exhibition, it brought a variety of new generation of digital solutions to appear.Display the innovative application of new technologies in “teaching, learning, research, management, and evaluation”, and explore the infinite possibilities of future education with the industry.

In October 2023, Hivo’s “Future Lesson” made a stunning appearance.This year, Hivo brought the “future lesson” of innovation and upgrading, and more vividly presented a teacher in classroom teaching based on the big model of Hivo’s teaching.

With the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, intelligent technology empowers modern classroom teaching evaluation to promote normalized teaching innovation to become a major practice proposition at the moment.In the “Future Lesson”, teachers can automatically generate the teaching process of the previous lesson through the AI class report that automatically generated the Siwo Class intelligent feedback system, but also comprehensively review the teaching process of the previous lesson.At the same time, teaching and research experts can also help their accurate positioning teaching problems through the AI classroom report, and at the same time, combined with their professional suggestions to help teaching and research improvement.The “Future Lesson” allows the audience to immersely feel the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and digitalization of education and the innovation in innovation of teachers’ growth.

At this exhibition, Hivo implemented artificial intelligence technology, starting from the “real needs” of teachers, bringing multiple digital education products and solutions.

In the new smart classroom solution launched by Hivo, the new AI teaching terminal, the seventh -generation interactive smart tablet, has attracted the attention.It is reported that the seventh -generation interactive intelligent tablet of Hivo is equipped with the first AI four -eye camera in the industry, equipped with a large teaching model and an exclusive AI computing power chip, combined with the intelligent feedback system of the classroomPrecise, timely, and more effective classroom feedback.Provide teachers with functions such as classroom feedback, academic analysis, accurately empower teachers’ teaching and teaching and research, and help teachers grow.

In the traditional machine room teaching scenarios, there are many problems such as deployment of equipment, large maintenance costs, and high difficulty in management of teachers, Hivo launched the campus computer room solution.In addition, Siwo also exhibited the Hevo integrated teaching terminal A24 specially designed for teachers ‘office, which improves teachers’ lectures and office efficiency.

The newly upgraded Hivo boutique recording plan and mobile recording broadcast solution have also attracted a lot of viewers.Through AI technology to empower the audio and video system upgrade, the new generation of recording and broadcasting solutions will further extend digital teaching scenes to meet the needs of school teachers and students’ boutique courses, large -scale live broadcast live broadcasts, remote interactive teaching and research and other scenarios.

In order to help improve the high -quality improvement of education and teaching levels, it provides accurate data support and scientific decision -making basis for regional and campus education managers.The district school collaborative governance tools, the Rubik’s Cube · Digital base to create a comprehensive data platform to improve quality and efficiency for digital governance.

From large models to real applications, Xivo focused on the teaching needs of teachers, and continued to explore in depth, so that “a lesson in the future” has entered more and more schools, and enables more teachers and students to grow.In the Boya Elementary School of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing, the intelligent feedback system of Xivo Classroom has been widely used to help teachers grow.Teacher You You, the leader of the Chinese Teaching and Research Group of Boya Elementary School, said: “With the help of the intelligent feedback system of the Howo classroom, the classrooms of excellence are possible. Combined with AI suggestions brought by actual teaching data, classroom data can be visualized, classroom feedback effectiveness, classroom reflection scientific, and scientificization, and classroom reflection scientificization, classroom reflection scientificization, scientific reflection in classroom reflection, and classroom reflection scientificization, scientific reflection of classroom reflection, and classroom reflection scientificization.The growth of the classroom continues to achieve true intelligent education.

During the same period, the 3rd National Disciplinary Education Alliance, hosted by Southwest University, the National Academy of Discipline Education, Southwest University Teacher Education College, Southwest University Affiliated Middle School, Southwest University Affiliated Primary School, and Xivo Teachers Development Center, Western Basic Education Cooperative Development AllianceAnnual Meeting and Digital Promotion of the Integrated Reform of Large, Small, and secondary teaching and research.Many industry experts, scholars, teaching and researchers, and front -line teachers are invited to jointly explore the overall teaching class format reform of primary school, junior high school, high school, and university.

Digital education is a fair and tolerant, more quality, suitable for everyone, green development, and open cooperation.In the future, Hivo will lead by innovation and help promote artificial intelligence applications to better serve education.

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