The Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau issued an announcement

Liaocheng 2024 In the early 2024 middle school academic level information technology examination results release announcement announcement

According to the “Notice of the Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau on Doing a good job in the Junior Middle School Information Technology and Experimental Examination Examinations” (Liaojiao Sports [2024] No. 4) requirements, the results of the information technology examination will be releasedPublished before June 30).

1. Reading query method

From May 8th to 13th, candidates logged in to Liaocheng City Entrance Examination online registration and filling in the volunteer platform ( inquiry information technology test results.The account number is the candidate ID number, and the “password” defaults to the last 6 digits of the ID number (X is a capital).

Second, the form of performance presentation

According to the “Opinions of the Middle School Level Examination and High School Admissions Work in the High School Levels and High School in the early 2024”, the scores of information technology test account for 10 points (10 points for full scores), and the scores announced this time are the results after the original score of the candidates.The announcement scores were included in the total score of the candidate’s secondary entrance examination.

Third, grade review method

The scope of the score of information technology test scores is limited to whether the score is missing, missed, wrong, and whether there are any errors in the total scores.

If candidates have objections to their grades, they can submit a review application in accordance with the following procedures from May 8th to 9th.

Candidates can submit a written application to the school (need to indicate the information of the candidate’s name, ID number, student status number, etc.).Edition), submitted to the Municipal Education Examination and Teaching Research Institute after summarizing it.The grade review team was reviewed according to the application, and it was correct to correct it after the review.After the review is over, the results of the review are notified by the test area and the school.

4. Consultation telephone for city and county admissions examination institutions

Dongchangfu District 8418200, Pingping District 42606088, Yanggu County 6217928, Yixian 7137727, Dong’e County 5109817, Guanxian County 5231021, Gaotang County 7107808, Linqing City 5161795, Development Zone 8516768, 7100651, High -tech Zone 85073177Essence

Liaocheng Education Examination and Teaching Research Institute of Teaching Research: 8244951.

Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau

May 7, 2024

Original title: “Announcement of Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau”

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