The Ministry of Ecology and Environment answers Red Star News: The number of emergencies in the environment is generally declining, but it still occurs frequently

On June 24, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a June routine press conference.
What are the characteristics of emergencies in my country in recent years?What are the changes in the trend?Regarding the above -mentioned questions of Red Star reporters, Li Tianwei, director of the Ecological Environmental Environmental Emergency Command Leading Group Office, said that in recent years, the number of emergencies in my country has declined in general, but it still has multiple frequent high -risk trends.
▲ Li Tianwei, Director of the Office of Ecological Environment Emergency Command Command Leading Group of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Li Tianwei introduced that the time and space distribution of emergencies in emergencies is very uncertain, the incentives are complicated, there are many types of pollutants involved, the environmental impact is large, the sensitivity is high, and it is difficult to prevent disposal.From several aspects, he answered Red Star News the above questions:
Judging from the number of events:Since 2013, the number of emergencies across the country has dropped from about 700 to about 300 each year. In the past two or three years, it has been around 200 each year. Among them, major events are about two or so every year, and large events are about ten years.The high -risk trends of frequent environmental events have not fundamentally changed. All provinces have undergone emergencies. Based on the industrial layout of chemical enterprises, the number of emergencies in the central and eastern regions is relatively large.
From the cause of the event:Production safety and transportation accidents are the main causes of emergencies. The leakage of chemical enterprises, fire explosions, leakage of tailings, and transportation accidents of hazardous chemicals. These secondary emergencies have more than 80%.In less than 10%of illegal sewage and so on.At the same time, natural disasters, historical problems, etc. can also be secondary environmental incidents.In recent years, extreme weather impacts have become more and more prominent. Usually coupled with other factors, it has brought great challenges to the response and prevention of emergencies.
▲ Red Star reporter asked questions
From the perspective of pollution:After nearly ten years of scheduling, about three -quarters of emergency environmental events involved water pollution, and about half of the emergency environmental incidents involved air pollution.Some environmental events cause pollution of water, atmosphere, and soil.The types of pollutants involved in emergencies are complex and diverse, and there are more common substances such as heavy metals and benzene.At the same time, in recent years, new pollutants such as dichloromethanes, as well as very rare chemicals such as toluene diisocyanate.
From the difficulty of disposal:Dum pollution in the basin often has a wide range of pollution and fast expansion.Some emergencies have a wide range of environmental incidents. In 2020, the leakage of Heilongjiang Yichunluing Mining Mineral Tailing Platform caused more than 340 kilometers of river pollution.Some disposal time is very long. In 2022, the emergency response time for the Oil Wash in Guizhou Panzhou was more than 5 months.Some environmental impacts have a great impact. In 2022, the pollution incident in Yichun, Jiangxi Yichun, caused three water sources and four water plants to take water supply.
Li Tianwei said that emergencies are often closely related to the lives of the people. Once the incident causes water source pollution or the leakage of toxic and harmful gases, it may have a serious impact on the health, production and life of the surrounding people, and must not be neglected at all.
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