The Second Western Education Publishing House Backbone Editorial Exchange Conference was held in Xi’an

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Sanqin Metropolis (Reporter Xia Mingqin intern Zhao Beibei)From April 23rd to 25th, the Second Western Education Press Backbone Editorial Editorial Conference hosted by Shaanxi People’s Education Press was held in Xi’an. More than 40 backbone editors from 14 education publishing houses across the country attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the participants carried out in -depth discussions and exchanges on themes such as “how to publish the theme of Education Press”, “How to Strengthen Education Publishing Ideological Work” and “How to Strengthen Editing Talent Team Construction”.Everyone said that we must deeply understand the mission and tasks of education and publishing in the new era, actively serve the work of party and national center, always in mind the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, adhere to the correct political direction, continue to strengthen the awareness of boutique, integration, position consciousness, qualityConsciousness, create more masterpieces of bacon casting soul and enlightenment, and help the construction of a strong country.

Li Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shaanxi People’s Education Publishing House, said that Education Press should closely combine the actual situation of education, in -depth excavation of local high -quality educational resources, make every effort to build educational publishing brands with local characteristics, and promote high -quality development of education and publishing.The editor -in -chief Liu Qingwen believes that under the background of digitalization, networking, and intelligent development, it should be deepened cooperation, conspiracy to develop, and continuously achieve innovation and progress in promoting publication integration;Lang Jia said that theme publishing must fully combine local cultural resources and their own publishing characteristics, give full play to professional expertise, pay attention to local narratives, and tell local stories.

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