The secret of medical big coffee sharing to make blood vessels healthy and young: stay away from coffee and tea ten hours before bedtime, healthy diet "four or four"

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Chaoying News, a reporter Zheng Jiaying, a correspondent, Chen Yuhong
Recently, star Wu Zun exposed the morning and heart rate of the morning in a program only 38 times per minute, causing heated discussion among netizens.Vascular health has a vital impact on people’s life and quality of life. It is often said that if you want to health, you have to “hold your mouth and open your legs”. What are the scientific meanings behind this? For this reason, the tide news client invites big coffees in the industry.Let’s share professional insights.
Despite the continuous progress of the economy and society and the increasingly advanced medical technology, with the deepening of aging, the incidence and mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases in my country still show a rise.Zhejiang Hospital, as a leading unit in Zhejiang Province’s cardiovascular disease prevention and control technology, has carried out early screening and comprehensive intervention research on high -risk groups for a long time. In recent years, it has achieved staged results.”The continuous improvement of the early prevention and early prevention system of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease has caused the mortality rate of stroke in our province.” Professor Mao Wei, Dean of Zhejiang Hospital, said that it is not enoughIn the new era, cardiovascular protection requires more new scientific connotations.
Interviewed units confession
Where is the “source”?We compare the entire cardiovascular incident chain to a river, and we have gathered many risk factors in the middle and upper reaches.If the exposure of these dangerous factors is multiplied by the year of the disease, the greater the total amount of obtained, the higher the corresponding risk.”Patients with hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity and other patients through scientific management can live to 90 years old to survive with disease.”Although there are objective laws, maintaining a good lifestyle is the key to preventing diseases, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases and control the disease process.
For patients with hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, etc., weight loss, healthy and balanced diet, salt limitation, exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol, etc. are confirmed to effectively reduce blood pressure, sugar control, fat reduction, and weight loss.”Let go of the diet while relying on a variety of drugs to treat the disease.” In reality, there are not a few patients.At present, the overall control of the risk factors of cardiovascular disease in my country is not ideal: the control rate of hypertension is only 16.8%, the control rate of diabetes is 18.6%, the control rate of blood lipid abnormalities is as low as 4%, the smoking cessation rate is 18.7%, the reasonable diet is reasonable, and the reasonable diet. The rate is only 3.79%…
“Improve lifestyle is the most basic treatment for preventing and treating many diseases, and needs to be persistent. It is not enough to rely on diet and exercise. We also need to pay attention to BMI”Impact on Cardiovascular Health.” Research shows that developing early sleep and ensuring sufficient sleep time can effectively reduce the occurrence of ventricular heart rhythm; reducing frequent nights to reduce the needs of the paceerator due to heartbeat;8 hours have a positive impact on the occurrence of atrial fibrillation.
How to have a healthy sleep, you may wish to listen to Professor Mao Wei ’s suggestions:” Try not to drink caffeine drinks in 10 hours before bedtime, do not eat 3 hours before bedtime, do not handle emails 2 hours before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bed 1, 1 before bedtime 1, 1 before bedtime 1, 1 before bedtime 1, 1 before bedtime 1, 1 before bedtime 1, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime, 1 before bedtime.Do not swipe your mobile phone short video “”
In addition, the diet follows the principle of “four less and four”: control the total hot card intake, eat seven or eight minutes full of meals; salt; less oil; less sugar; more variety of diet; eat more vegetables and fruits; choose more whole grain food;Take more high -quality protein.”The coarse grains we are talking about are not just sweet potatoes and corn. Rough -processed rice and bread are all possible. Some fine -processed staple foods are often high value, but nutrition is greatly reduced. The raw materials of ice cream, cheese, bacon foods are often saturated.”Professor Mao Wei” is “long -wing” better than “four legs”.
Will the low -sodium diet cause osteoporosis?Many people have misunderstood some concepts.”In fact, there is no scientific basis for this concern. The” less salt “we suggest is to consume 5-6 grams of salt per day, about one beer bottle cap, which is enough to maintain the normal blood and sodium level of the human body. Patients with heart failure.More stringent sodium intake may be required in the acute stage, and many precision processing foods contain sodium chloride.Protection. “Professor Mao Wei said.
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