The new environment facing the development of industrial parks

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In the past 2023, from the economic data released by the country, the overall economy has seen a significant recovery trend; but from the perspective of the extensive economic development of the park, it has been cold. In recent years, there are not a few parks that are stagnant.Due to the changes in the economic situation at home and abroad, the Matthew effect of industrial agglomeration and innovative clusters is becoming more and more obvious, and the uncertainty of most parks’ development is increasing, and the new environment facing the park is even more foggy.In the short -term development period near the Spring Festival, we need to sort out the new environment facing the development of the park from the dimensions of the policy environment, industrial environment, and market environment, and timely build a new park development logic.

1. The policy environment facing the industrial park

1. National policy: Encourage the development of the park to transform into the four turns to achieve high -quality development

In recent years, the state has successively introduced the high -quality development of policy in the industrial parks. In the macro background of accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, the development of the park has shown “high -end industrial structure, low carbonization of energy supply, land use intensiveization, and park management.”New features.The high -end industrial structure is focusing on high -end manufacturing, extending to high -end industrial chain, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure; energy supply low -carbonization is to vigorously promote the low -carbon production and low -carbon management of the park, strengthen the construction of low -carbon infrastructure in the park;It is about to use the efficiency of inefficient land, increasing the stock, and promoting industrial upstairs to achieve multi -dimensional expansion and intensive utilization of park space; the management of the park management digital intelligence, that is, guide the parkCombining services and other links to improve the operating efficiency of the park and drive the park management innovation.

2. State requirements: Strengthen the assessment and evaluation of the development zone, forcing the park to optimize and upgrade

On the one hand, the assessment system of the industrial park involves a wide range of aspects and many assessment indicators. One Economic Development Zone assessment covers 30 secondary indicators in 5 major aspects.The pressure is not small.On the other hand, the downgrade of the industrial park is continuously increasing. The comprehensive development evaluation method of the national economic development zone introduced in 2021 will be changed to the unified ranking to the east, middle, and western classification rankings, adding to the exit of the Eastern and Central Development Zone withdrawal from the Eastern and Central Development Zone.The pressure has also increased the frequency of exit. In the past three consecutive years, the last five of the region will be included in the relegation alternative list., Solve the problem of assessment stocks and decline in assessment.

2. The industrial environment facing industrial parks

1. International situation: The world economy is in a period of downturn, and the global industrial chain accelerates reconstruction

In terms of recovery, the world economy shows three major differentiation phenomena.The first is regional differentiation. The gap between the two major economies of the United States and Europe has expanded, and the economic and low -income countries economy is in a downward trajectory.Generally, the manufacturing industry has resumed slowly; the third is the differentiation of the class. The opening of the gate in many countries has pushed the asset prices, and the disparity between the rich and the poor has continued to expand.As a global manufacturing factory, China has faced the dual pressure of low -end manufacturing and high -end manufacturing recovery of emerging economies such as Vietnam and India, and large Japanese manufacturing industries have shown signs of recovery.In the next few years, the global industrial chain will accelerate the reconstruction, and the stability of the park’s industrial chain will face new challenges.

2. Domestic situation: In the international and domestic dual cycles, domestic large cycles have become the main support points

From a domestic point of view, it is mainly facing the international and domestic dual -loop pattern, and the large domestic cycle will become the main support point.In summary, the domestic large cycle must be improved from the three dimensions of technology internal circulation, traditional economic circulation, and internal consumer circulation, which involves hard technology, new infrastructure, import substitution, export transfer domestic demand, overseas consumption return, the rise of local brands, etc.Key words.The international cycle is to continue to expand openness, reshape the economic and trade pattern, and attract global factor agglomeration. The negative list of foreign investment led by the free trade zone has been continuously reduced.International cooperation, internationalization of business environment, technology and data marketization reform.



3. Industrial trend: Innovation has become the general trend of economic development in the future, and the cultivation of emerging industries is prominent

At present, my country’s industries are mostly at the low -end global value chain. In the context of the new generation of technology and industrial changes, my country urgently needs to break through the original development model.In the construction of innovation and leadership, we must strive to seize the technical system, strengthen key core technology research, and strive to break the situation of chip interruption, technical blockade, trade restrictions, etc., and strengthen the toughness of the development of the industrial chain;Industry and future industries, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system. The highlight of which is to promote the development of strategic emerging industries.New growth engine.

3. The market environment facing industrial parks

1. First -level market: industrial land supply is greater than demand, and the overall price of land use is stable as a whole

In the first -level market, the overall growth of industrial land planning and transactions in 300 urban industrial land in the country showed a growth trend. In 2022, industrial land pushing land continued to rise, industrial land launch and transaction volume increased, and the supply was greater than demand.From the perspective of industrial land transaction prices, in recent years, the transaction price of industrial land has remained at 270-290 yuan/square meter. From the average premium rate, the average premium rate of industrial land in 2022 was 1.83%, a slight decrease of 0.18 percentage points from 2021, a slight decrease of 0.18 percentage points.It shows that the overall market of industrial land is stable, and the price has not risen significantly.In general, the supply of industrial land is guaranteed, and the supply is greater than demand, and the price remains stable.

2. The stock market: the benefits of land input and output are relatively low, and there is a large space for digging.

In the stock market, from the perspective of land development plot ratios, nearly 60 % of the comprehensive plot ratio of industrial land in the national development zone is less than 0.6, the comprehensive plot ratio of land development is low, and the land use intensity needs to be improved.From the perspective of input -output, in recent years, the increase in investment intensity of the development zone has increased and comprehensive taxation has declined, which shows that the unit efficiency of the development zone is declining.From the perspective of idle land, 579 national development zones were approved without 15,700 hectares, accounting for 3.11%of the planned construction land area; 0.06 million hectares of idle land, accounting for 0.14%of the supply of land.In general, the development intensity of the stock land is insufficient, the input -output benefits are low, and the potential space is large.

3. Park development: Entering operations as the king’s era, generally facing vacant and investment pressure

In recent years, secondary parks and industrial real estate have become an important development model for large development zones.In the face of the downlink of industrial investment and the downturn in real estate development, the development of the industrial park has also been greatly impacted. The exfoliation of the single projects of the key areas of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta is still good.In the western region, single projects are even lower, and industrial parks generally face vacancy, investment and capital pressure.From the perspective of development trends, the industrial park has entered the operation of the operation, the industry’s profit margin has continued to decline, the industrial real estate development willingness has decreased. More and more park operators have transformed from heavy assets to light assets.Main force.

Fourth, the development logic of the industrial park

We have analyzed the new environment of the development of the industrial park. From this, we can see the great challenges facing the development of the park. It is definitely not possible not to change our minds.Combining the consultation experience of Dongtan think tank, a large part of my country’s development zone needs to change development logic and reshape its own development strategy.

The first is that industrial logic must be changed. Combined with regional economy and the actual situation of the park, re -audit the industrial system of the park, formulate new industrial development paths, such as the previous low -cost industrial transfer to meet the demand for the expansion of the production capacity of mature products and become convenient to become convenient.It meets the needs of high -tech products and high -value -added enterprises to quickly innovate and expand.

The second is that the logic of the space must be changed. In the past, the new land use mainly depends on the logic of the expansion area. Now it is necessary to rely on the logic of the inefficient land for the stock stock. This is a national policy requirement.With the evolution of the development zone towards the comprehensive urban area, it is necessary to consider promoting the development of the development zone as a whole, and to promote industrial integration and development and characteristic industrial park construction.

The third is that the logic of merchants must be changed. Combined with the new investment trends such as the division and reorganization of the industrial chain, the industrial transfer and sinking sinking, the industrial investment model is transformed, and new investment channels are designed. For exampleDigging the investment needs of new SMEs.

The fourth is that the investment logic must change. In the case of market -oriented investment, the government should not “pack up”. It is still necessary to use the establishment of investment funds and issuing REITs to reduce the investment risk of enterprise.The development and operation of the district aspect is also the direction of policy guidance.

The fifth is the change of cost logic. From the previous simply pursuing one -time provision of low factor costs, to creating a development zone with low comprehensive costs, especially at the lowest comprehensive cost of life cycle in the fixed investment depreciation period of the project, the real is the lowest.Competitiveness of development.

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