What does education need?What is the call of the times?There may be answers here!When growing up

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“Growth ING” Channel 219

Broadcast channel: Minhang TV Station

Premiere: 18:00 on April 20

Replay time: 18:00 every night at 18:00

Highlights in this episode


Learning as the center of literacy first

Minhang District Promote the “Research Research on the Application of Comprehensive Practice Equipment for Compulsory Education Stages”.Pingnan Primary School in Minhang DistrictSuccessful


Xi Rongxin Xinlong dance ink

The 12th “Castle Cup” on the 12th “Castle Cup” of Minhang District is hereShanghai City Schoolheld with grandeur



Wisteria flowers enjoy the wind piano -international famous accordion players walk inMinhang District Experimental Primary School


Little Media Man Program Show

“Animal Kingdom Opening Conference”

About host

Sister Jiajia

Moderator of Rong Media Center, Minhang District

Zhang Yixi

Hanghua First Primary School in Minhang District


Minhang District Rong Media Center and Minhang District Education Bureau have opened the children’s TV column “Growth ING” since 2009. The current program content includes children’s science, parent -child reading, talent display, campus news, etc., covering primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the district.Each year, large -scale offline activities have participated in the total number of families exceeding 100,000. It has a wide influence in Minhang District, and has been awarded by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television many times.

show time

Channel 219 of Minhang TV Station

First broadcast time: every Saturday 18:00

Replay time: 18:00 per night

Period programs can be downloaded “Minhang today” app Watch

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