When skiing meets Lu Chong JD.com at the HOBO Trend Museum of Chengdu HOBO 1 85 % off

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After the snowy season was sealed, Lu Chong moved to heating up in spring.On March 16, JD.com and the Chengdu HOBO Trend Museum held the 1st anniversary of the joint check -in “Lu Chongkai Board Day” event, attracting many skateboarders to the meeting.The live broadcast room of JD outdoors also opened live broadcasts simultaneously, leading netizens to immersed the atmosphere of the activity. The JD skateboarding and sale of Lu Chong not only exchanged experience with the people on the spot, but also in the live broadcast.Intuize the product performance, which makes everyone praise “too handsome”.


It is worth mentioning that JD.com will also jointly launch an online land -to -punching activity with the skateboard brand. From March 16th to March 31st, Lu Chong’s enthusiast will share Lu Chong’s notes on the Xiaohong Book platform, and there will be a chance to get the opportunity to get the opportunity to get it.Captain brand surprise benefits.In addition, consumers can open the Jingdong APP to search for “Lu Chongkai Board”, and they can enjoy a 85 % discount on skateboarding such as Carver and DBH.


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