Zhiyun Health released the 2023 annual financial report: revenue continued to grow, the losses narrowed sharply, and the losses turned into profits in the fourth quarter

On March 21, Zhiyun Health (09955.HK) officially announced the 2023 annual financial report.The financial report shows that in 2023 Zhiyun’s health revenue still maintains a high -speed growth attitude, and its operating income reached 3.69 billion yuan, an increase of 23.5%year -on -year.Non-International Financial Report Guidelines (NON-IFRS) adjusted the net loss to 75.1 million yuan, a narrowing of 77.4%year-on-year.In the fourth quarter, it became the first profit of the company, and achieved a profit in a single quarter.As of the end of 2023, the company’s cash and financial products totaling a total of about 620 million, which was basically the same as the medium term, and the cash reserves were abundant.

The three major business segments are parallel, and revenue continues to grow

The financial report shows that the three major business segments of Zhiyun Health, one is the in -hospital solution, the other is a pharmacy solution, and the third is the personal chronic disease management solution.Among them, the income of the intra -hospital solutions was 2.87 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70%, which was the largest source of income, an increase of 31.5%year -on -year; the revenue of pharmacy solutions was 660 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of 6.9%; the personal chronic disease management solution and other revenue of 160 millionYuan.

Specifically, in the in -hospital market, Zhiyun Health mainly grows in the hospital’s business through the “touch, installation, monetization” model (also known as AIM model).This model focuses on the company’s contact with the hospital and establishes business relationships. The installation of hospital SaaS products to increase the viscosity of hospitals and seek commercialization opportunities through the hospital’s internal solutions to seek commercialization opportunities.

As of December 31, 2023, the number of hospitals for the installation of medical exchange SaaS reached 2,719, an increase of 152 from the previous year, an increase of 5.9%.These include 815 third -level public hospitals and 1134 second -level public hospitals.In addition, 40 of the 815 third -level public hospitals are the top 100 hospitals in China.

At the same time, the in -hospital solutions helped the company to successfully establish in -depth contact with the hospital and pharmaceutical companies, laying a solid foundation for expanding the business to the outside scene of the hospital.As of December 31, 2023, Zhiyun Health has signed a contract with 39 pharmaceutical companies, and the total number of SKUs has reached 59, an increase of 73.5%year -on -year.With the SKU that reaches more hospital departments and increased supplies, the company can help hospitals to more efficient and accurately meet the needs of patients’ chronic disease management, and further highlights the company’s commercialization model has scalability and sustainability.

Zhiyun Health Pharmacy solutions are supplied through the pharmacy SaaS consultation system and pharmacy supplies, which meets the needs of patients with chronic diseases to open up services and prescription services for out -of -hospital consultations and plays a key role in off -hospital services.Customers provide real -time consultation and prescription services in the store.As of December 31, 2023, more than 219,000 pharmacies have installed Zhiyun SAAS systems, covering about 35%of pharmacies in China.

With data insights obtained by the pharmacy SaaS prescription service, the company effectively connects pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies to purchase pharmacy supplies.As of December 31, 2023, the company’s pharmacy supplies trading customers reached 1,232, an increase of 257 customers from the year ended December 31, 2022, an increase of 26.4%.Pharmacy subscription solutions and value -added solutions have maintained a stable growth momentum, and the commercial monetization capacity has continued to improve.

Personal chronic disease management solutions and other sectors are mainly connected to doctors and patients, providing out -of -hospital monitoring, consulting and prescriptions for patients with chronic diseases.As of December 31, 2023, there were more than 103,000 registered doctors on the platform, more than 31 million registered users, and 185 million online services, reaching a record high.

Continue to upgrade digitalization capabilities and empower the industry ecology

In 2023, while adhering to the “hospital as the first” strategy, Zhiyun Health relying on the improvement of infrastructure in the hospital and outside the hospital, it upgraded its strategic to “from patients to industry” model (P2M model).Under the P2M strategy, through strategic cooperation with the pharmaceutical company, the company can sell self -employed products that the company has all rights, sales rights or other rights. This strategy will lead the company to gradually make profits.Relying on the extensive and in -depth hospital network and pharmacy network, the company has become the portal of industrial enterprises to enter hospitals and pharmacies.The company’s digital capabilities closely linked industrial enterprises with terminal hospitals and pharmacies, and eventually brought competitive pricing and extremely convenient high -quality products to patients with chronic diseases.

At the same time, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence has promoted the far -reaching reform of the health industry in 2023.The government encourages the application and innovation of “Internet” and artificial intelligence in the field through many regulations and guidelines.The company empowers the ecology of science and technology, improves the effectiveness of the health system, is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities, providing high -quality, affordable services and products for the stakeholders of the ecosystem, and continues to create digital infrastructure for the chronic disease management industry.

During the reporting period, under the guidance of the “hospital -first” strategy and the “P2M” strategy, the company’s business showed strong growth momentum.The flywheel effect of the business model will also promote the company to further commercialize and achieve a new round of high -speed growth and overall profit.

Expand partners and open up new space for development

After the strategic upgrade, the company continued to strengthen the investment in technology research and development, actively expanded ecological partners, actively selected high -quality products with a large target market, and sold it as a self -operated product to continuously accelerate the pace of business development.

On January 26, 2024, the official website of the State Drug Administration (NMPA) was announced by Hangzhou Anyuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.Register for approval and deemed the consistency evaluation of generic drugs.This is the top domestic carbonate Saviham dried suspension.Zhiyun Health will use the hospital SaaS to cover the network and digital ability advantages to cooperate with the digital marketing promotion and product sales of carbonate Saviham dry suspension products.

On March 9, 2024, Tangjing® (Daglie Jingxin), which was developed by Nanjing Fangsheng Hehe Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and commercialized by Zhiyun Health’s subsidiaries.He Tang Jing® is a high -end generic drug that successfully breaks through the original research patent barriers through independent intellectual property innovation technology. It will further reduce the burden on the payment of Chinese diabetic patients and improve the availability of medication.Zhiyun Health Enjoy the distribution rights of Tang Jing®, and will cooperate with Fangsheng and Medicine based on the advantages of hospital SaaS network, pharmacy SaaS network and digital capabilities to cooperate with the product’s medical information dissemination, digital marketing promotion and other fields.

With the increase of such self -product, Zhiyun’s healthy marketing capabilities are recognized by more and more pharmaceutical companies. It will significantly improve the company’s long -term business growth and thickening profits. It confirms that the company’s strategic upgrade SaaS network will be upgradedDigitalization capabilities and the expansion of business models.

In addition, the company relies on the advanced Cloud DTX R & D platform, professional medical teams and data factor processing capabilities.Promote the security and compliance development of the digital industry, so that the service is more inclusive.

Zhiyun Health will continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties in the industry, carry out diversified business layout and business practice, bring more value to partners in ecological collaboration, and help the company’s steady development and financial performance growth.

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