Zhou Hongyi AI digital people appeared in Hangzhou. The 360 smart business lights up landmarks to help enterprise business growth!

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Recently, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, appeared in the form of “AI Digital Man” in the form of “AI Digital Man”.Commercial determination to help regional enterprises in 2024.It is reported that 360 Smart Business will also “light up landmarks” in eleven major cities including Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Beijing.

In accordance with the wave of surging eras set off by AI model technology, the 360 Group is focusing on the security strategy, large model layout, and organizational power construction.Internet products have achieved AI upgrades.

With the 360 Group strategy, 360 Smart Business released a smart marketing cloud AI product matrix represented by 360AI digital employees, 360AI digital people and other products.As the first media platform of the PC, 360 Smart Business also actively promotes AI upgrade at the marketing level.— 360PC AI products have also officially launched, which greatly promoted the implementation of AI in corporate marketing scenarios.Riding technology Dongfeng, relying on the high -quality traffic resources of hundreds of millions of workplace office groups, 360 Smart Business will work with regional partners to empower the business growth of enterprises in various places.

Hangzhou Yunlai is an important partner of 360 smart business in Hangzhou.Focusing on local industrial demand and market pain points, we have worked with 360 smart business for a long time, focusing on creating digital and intelligent comprehensive service solutions to meet the digital transformation needs of small and medium -sized enterprises and brand customers.In the 11 years since its establishment, the company has a senior advertising operation team. According to the industry segmentation special services, service 20,000+customers, covering key industries such as business services, machinery and equipment, financial services, ITWait for local head customers in Hangzhou.

From this “lighting landmark” as the starting point, Hangzhou Yunlai will follow the strategic direction of the 360 Group’s AI to assist the strategy with a faster and more accurate business measure.Through diversified, integrated, and intelligent marketing products and operating services that are effective and effective, and the ultimate experience, it helps Hangzhou local enterprises to grow business!

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